Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Oh okay. I thought they might be "locked in" unless you were to cancel and re-pre-order another version. I'll still wait though, Different stores might have different pre-order bonuses.

I think they will do that again, I'm interested in seeing what all happens. We will see some gameplay super soon!

E L E everybody love everybody!
Yep, sometime at E3. Boon confirmed two new character reveals. I'm guessing they will show off new mechanics also. Maybe a new mode how they showed off Tag for MK9.
Went to a car forum meetup in upstate NY yesterday with my fiancee; great weather and lots of 'spirited driving' after grabbing some food at Sonic. First shot isn't mine, but the rest are.


Friend's car (same as mine, just different color and some odds and ends). First time seeing it in this color, really wish it'd been a choice for me, as black is super hard to take care of:





Brought some lawn chairs, as there was no way I was eating inside my car!





And later in the day, me with my baby:

It's a he lol


that's an awfully handsome pup you got there. only pit owners know how sweet those dogs really are. as long as they are treated with love and kindness they are the nicest dogs anyone could ever have. this thing on the other hand, i'm thinking about putting down. it shits blood everywhere and whispers nordic spells in the dark of night. mypet.jpg
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I almost always wear shorts between Easter and my birthday (which is in mid October), since I live in South Texas.

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This year I wore shorts all through the winter, and I've been wearing long pants since spring.

I'm not really sure why.

i don't normally wear this summer has been a milestone year LOL

Lookin' good, lady! Smokin'. <3 I've broken out the shorts too, though it's definitely not as hot as it was last year...

No coffee-face, no glasses-face (my glasses are screwed up, so wearing them is a waste of effort, have to replace the lenses).