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  • Already graduated, son. I'm at MCB Quantico, working in the Clinic. This shit is dope, we're training on Heat casualties and we train with real people. I didn't get to do much because it was my first day here, but I got a chance to log roll and transport the guy on the heat deck.
    Hospital ship? Are those the ships that go on Medical Missions and provide healthcare to poor countries? :O
    Hell no! Lol, Blue side all day.

    I like the hospital environment better, I'm not one of those adrenaline junkies who love combat :laugh:
    Well, I swore in, in April lol.

    I go to Basic training in October and I chose HM, my A school is going to be in San Antonio :love:
    Haha don't have to worry about anything besides it being very hot (its what my teachers who get deployed always say)
    I love how angry Rick gets for a second while saying that.

    I ended up watching the last 10 minutes of the first episode when it first aired before I went to bed one night and I thought it was pretty funny. Then the following week I caught the whole 2nd episode and thought it was hilarious and have been following it since.

    I hate how we wont be getting any new episodes until March 10th.
    Have you played Shaun White skateboarding?
    I've been fiendin for a new skateboard game, but heard that THPS HD sucked
    At least your line of work isn't to murder children in the Middle East and get your foots blown off
    I'm trying to graduate from high school. You know, same ol shit. Trying to avoid working at McDonalds.
    Never heard of the place.
    You're NAVY right? So would you be offshore on like an aircraft carrier when shit goes down?
    Shit man, I've always wanted to dick down an English broad lol.
    If you go out to the Middle East you getting stationed somewhere safe or close to the fighting?
    Same old shit daddy-O. Workin and video games.
    Happening with you? Get stationed in Japan yet?
    Not a whole lot son. Still working at Red Lobster, still getting earflucked by Aesop Rock.
    Same shit really.

    You blow up any pirates yet?
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