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  • Should check out Netherrealm's twitter account tomorrow. They gave out PS4 beta codes this morning.
    lol i DESTROYED that robot, use the charge attacks when its guard is down. DUCK & FLIP!! DUCK & FLIP!!
    OMG! i hate nightmare train with such a burning passion!! lol im pretty good @ tekken, im probably one of the only females who kicks ass & looks great doing it. it took me two months 2 create lili's costumes, they are AMAZING!! :D
    See bro, I've always been the type of person to do MY thing. When you really think about it, every rule, every pattern, every structure, everything you've been told is "wrong" was created by man. Why follow rules made by people JUST like us? What makes those people better than us, why are they so much better that they can lay down rules and the foundation for the rest of mankind? Nah, doesn't fly with me man.
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