Official Pictures Thread Part 2

So in Lawrence with a friend of mine for the SP show. We were hungry so we grabbed a pizza from across the venue and halfway through eating it, behold cEvin Key from SP shows up outside. We said screw the pizza and went to go talk to cEvin. Dude is 6'5. He makes me look small (I'm 6'2).

My day was made.

I also talked to Ogre, the lead singer but no pics because he wasn't feeling good. Oh well. I'm definitely happy.

Front row and basically right in the center too. This is definitely a great night.

P. S. It's windy so my hair looks like shit but I don't care.
Tool is awesome, but they put me to sleep. Not a dig, just a thing. I can't drive while listening to Tool--I'll nod off. I've never seen 'em live though. Adam's tone is amaaaaazing though. He uses a Diezel VH4S (dunno if still), and at one point I owned a Diezel Herbert and saw what he was on about with those amps. Wish I hadn't sold it, as they're about $5500 new (I got mine for less than half that buying used off of a friend who cut me a great deal).

Here's a recent picture of me from a few days back, with most of my hair curled except in the front (it's usually straight). Getting kind of long, so I'll probably trim it a bit soon. Holding a new handbag my fiancee got me for our seventh anniversary. :D

Tool is amazing live. I've seen them 5 times as well as Maynerd's side projects. If you're a fan and you haven't seen them live it is your life's mission to do so.
Mullet? Son, screw that half-assed crap. Skip straight to a skullet. And an empty bottle of jack.