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  • At first I thought you were pissed off at the random that joined our room. I would have kept it private it weren't for the possibility of other TRMK people joining in. I was close to a stopping point anyways, since it was getting late.
    Oh, I thought you already had it in your collection. I was thinking of waiting given the fact I recently had some big expenses, but this was too tempting to pass up. I'll have to be careful for the following weeks.
    It turns out I won the bid. Shipping is going to drive up the cost by 60% since the item is being shipped from Japan.
    Playable F'n Qunaris! I don't even care that much about that but it still gets me hype haha. The PAX demo got me so hype, and all the stuff they've been saying on GI has me purty excited. That scorpion spear too! DA:I and MGSV are pretty much the only two games that convinced me to go ahead and get a PS4 lol.

    DA:I is gonna be miles ahead of DA 2, and this is coming from a guy that actually liked DA2 haha; I like the system they're using to bring the decisions over too.
    Yooo Nemmy, on a scale of 10-F'n awesome how hyped are you for DA: Inquisition after seeing that demo?
    Taylor Swift's Eyes Open may be soft rock but it means keeping my eye out for enemies. Somehow, it really makes me workout as if I'm getting prepared to fight.

    I had to answer you here because the "TRMK Workout Playlist" thread keeps crashing on my phone. Don't know why.
    Because they're purely designed that way, which is lame. It's almost impossible to play a rushdown Elizabeth which is why they constantly supply her with SP for zoning.
    Xbox is completely the opposite. Hard to find matches, but when you do, they're not a phag. I only faced one spammer and it was a Yukiko.
    That's pretty much what I did in MK. I felt like I was so good at the game, then I faced Vital and he crushed my dreams.
    That was the original idea but I still haven't reached my bish ******* quota and I couldn't get a donor so I had to settle with this

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