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  • I have too many on the brain, I tried to choose stuff from only at most 4-5 years old, some of it pretty new too though.
    I've seen more Anime than anyone on this forum combined. I'd suggest

    Attack on Titan (Japanese)
    Code Geass (English)
    Samurai X (4 part series) kind of like a movie (Japanese)

    Golden Boy (English)
    Arakawa Under the Bridge (Japanese)
    School Rumble

    Kimi Ni todoke
    My Little monster
    Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

    Some random ones to try:
    Ghost in the Shell

    Soul Eater
    Gurren Lagann
    Fate Stay Night zero
    Thanks for encouraging words and suggestion, I'll definitely check it out. I'll be looking forward to read your original works as well, you have everything that it takes to have your works published.
    Ah I see, I no longer have any consoles myself, so if at all Im getting MKX it will be have to be for the PC. Also great to hear about your swearing in, all the best with it, Im sure you can get through it with good merit. Glad to hear you are writing as well, I don't write anymore now as I got a full time job as an audit manager at an accounting firm, not really an excuse but Im finding it hard to get back the motivation again. I had a small stint with anime sometime back, watching the first season of Attack on Titan, couldn't watch any others mainly due to the lack of time.
    Hey Toxic! Its been awhile, I've been around lurking, just not as active, but with MKX's release Im hoping for it to change. Looks like you are back too. It was more or less the usual here till today, what's new with you?
    Yo Toxic two things?

    First) Fix you're white background it burns my eyes

    2) Should I get Mass Effect 1?
    I can't stand on the same level as thine for my gloriousness reaches beyond the aspect of humanity itself. I am the embodiment of glory! Every phrase, letter, sentence; even the word glory and its counter part glorious are embodied into my very soul.

    You are a fool for accepting such a glorified task of facing me in battle.
    I don't see your name on glorious.

    If you want to fight about a word then bring all you got pimpin
    It says here that you enjoy watching baby seals devour lions. In other words you're a serial killer.

    The first one I will share in public is a Frost x Noob one shot fic. It will be glorious

    Actually it'll be good how about that
    Oh shit my fault home boy.

    It was very nice actually, I for one imaged them as humans so I could read it better. It was wording was not to vulgar which is a huge plus in my eyes.

    Sex on the moon, clever shit sir
    I am way too glad that you came back Toxic :).

    Well as for the scales of serious I think we might want to aim for serious.
    Like between a little serious and pretty serious.

    See what I had in mind was that we tie in ever loose end that we've created with the series. Part of the finale was for Jax to fight Kano with the end result of Kano losing his eye. Anyway we will discuss this tomorrow for I have to go to bed.

    Also about your depression stage, I'm glad you over came it with novels and such.
    Oh boy, you mind if I hit you up tomorrow with the info?
    This is gonna require you too sit down lol
    You are working for a three part finale. Mind was the first part so yours shall be the second. The third part shall be left up to me. Then I'll conduct an epilogue, honestly I'll probably need help on that too haha.

    Then we can put this puppy down
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