Official Pictures Thread Part 2

this is me as the squirrelifying house guest
I'm just going to pretend that that image doesn't exist :afraid:

Posted this awhile ago, but I don't care.
Heres a new picture of what I got with my Carl hoodie.


wohoo! BABIES!!! let me join in


Her name is Kay (Thats what i call her anyways) she's the baby of a close close close close family freind that we basically consider family


I figured the first 20 times it would get through, but it hasn't, apparently.

Do not post random pictures, this is for pictures of YOU. Even stuff you own, like what BBBLP 's bag, for example, is fine, but no random pictures. Keep it in just talk.

~Thanks =)

Not trying to be mean, so don't take it the wrong way (I know it probably seems nasty the way it's typed) but I keep kindly requesting this and you keep ignoring it. No one has ignored it more than you for some reason. If you don't have a picture of yourself or something you own (even stuff like your dad's car, etc., that is also fine), then just don't post, man.