Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Friend of ours took a pic of my fiancee and I while we were hanging out at the mall. Apparently, you can save $300 on me today.

If I remember correctly I think she was similar to my height and I'm barely 6ft so somewhere in that ball park. I wasn't paying SUPER attention to how tall I was in comparison but she's pretty tall for a girl.
Nuggs, I've been engaged for like, 4 years. We just thought it'd be funny/ironic to take a pic in front of Kay Jewelers. lolz

I don't remember you being that muscular, Freyith.... been working out?

I've always had toned arms. It's just more obvious when my arms are folded. Most of that's an optical illusion, because my arms are actually really wiry.

BBBLP, I'm 6ft. Almost 6'1''. So yeah, I'm kinda tall. Taller than my mother and my father.
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oh hell i didn't even know about that ah well....



now i shall wait and see who is the first to go dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww or laugh their buttocks off
Oh, we're showing off old pictures again?

Battle of the Bands in 2004, 2005? I don't remember. we won though so that was cool. Was in the news paper for it as well.


Dat Lamb of God shirt. I still have it somewhere around here.
It looks like y'all took that picture at Chuck E cheese or some shit, and I always wanted to learn how to play the Guitar.
Naw it was in some huge building. The scanner we used to scan the newspaper was pretty damn awful too lol.

My friend's haircut is so lame haha.

I don't play the guitar though. I slap a da bass. Have been for the past 7 years now.