Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Haha, I still play the hell out of that kollection too. UMK3 online especially. Love that game. And when I was at the arcade, I beat the CPU on 1 credit alone. Of course with Robo-Smoke & H.Smoke. :)
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Our bad ass arcade here in Austin (TX), Pinballz Arcade, now have MK1-4. I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!

Your collection is not pathetic. A see material things as only enforcing your status as a huge fan of the series.

People can have a huge Gears of War collection and not know the first thing about the series.

Major Chip Hazard? Can you post a pic please? :love:
Major Friggin Chip Hazard

Is it a painting?

photographic print actually. I didnt take it btw. I bought it, and its alot bigger than you think.

However I did make a photo print of those telephone pole images I had taken a while back and put them into one smaller portrait. It's hanging up in my room as well.
Sorry it is a bit dark but I found a cool Chris card online, arrived in 2 days, probably the fastest I have ever gotten anything in the mail.