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  • I had to wait, FvCK being a Trojan dude... anyways I still have doubts about this installment Due to the opening feeling odd and the changes to the fighting systems and what not. But overall it does feel like the innovations should prove to be worth it even if some of the designs seem less inspired and the environments are blatantly homage/ripped from the other games just with a new spin of sorts.
    Yo you get the GOW:A SP demo yet? its the beginning of the game and its spoiler filled and feels half baked... but getting hands on with the revamped combat system was interesting albeit weird.
    Man I hate to sound like a broken record but yet another round of rise of the warrior. The concept armor for MP isn't too bad this time but still a bit too much nice tattoos though.
    new rise of the warrior is up.. the story isn't really appealing to me anymore its lost its momentum I thought circe was gonna be cooler but she is just another half naked GoW chick... also what are your thoughts on the Phobos armor for MP?
    I have just decided that I won't be buying the Total rRecall Blu Ray for the SP demo its not near worth buying a movie for such a short demo I'll wait until its on PSN also IDK if I'm gonna jump back into the MP Beta either when it goes back up on the 8th. I played it non-stop the 1st night I got access and havn't been back on it since (I cought a nasty cold that week then I was busy) the beta didn't really wow me much I'm starting to loose hope for this game now.. at least there is The Last of Us to look forward to anyways...
    The MP beta is going to be shut down for X-mas and will reopen in january I only played it one night (the whole night straight) but ended up sick the next day.. I havn't had much time to get back in on it again but from what I saw and tried out it does feel less like GoW than I expected and looks less cool than the videos they showed of it when they 1st announced it and discussed it in the behind the scenes stuff. The costumes do look too ridiculous/goofy the real bummer is you start out only wearing bottom armor and if you add on a helmet or top armor then you can ever take that off only put on other armor which sucks... after 3 hours of looking like a football team mascot I wanted to strip it off and wreck fools in the buff kratos style but you can't.. but I gotta say splitting polyphemus' jaw open felt good in front of the gods and everybody:mullet:
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