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  • Q: How do you keep a Houston Texan out of your back yard?
    A: Put up a goal post.

    Q: What's the safest place to go in Houston during a tornado?
    A: NRG Stadium, because they don't get any touchdowns.

    Q: Why can't Ryan Fitzpatrick use the phone anymore?
    A: He can't find the Receiver.

    Q: What do the Houston Texans and possums have in common?
    A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

    Q: What do the Houston Texans and Billy Graham have in common?
    A: Both can make 70,000 people stand up and shout "Jesus Christ!"

    Q: Why are so many Houston Texans players claiming to have Swine Flu?
    A: So they don't have to touch the pigskin.

    Q: What does a Houston Texans fan do after his team wins the Super Bowl?
    A: He turns off his PlayStation 3.

    Q: Why don't the Houston Texans have a website?
    A: They can't string 3 Ws together.

    Q: What do you call a Houston Texan with a Super Bowl ring?
    A: A thief.

    Of the toughest times man, be strong! That is what she would want you to do. Like I said before she had the most beautiful smile that I will certainly never forget myself!

    Talked to Kris a little bit to see what was all going and and we talked about it. She is really heart broken for you. If I ever make it down to Texas, I will be sure to look you up.
    Let's be serious here.

    unless you're playing First person shootes. You don't really need an Xbox.

    like that's LITERALLY, the only games I don't care about. are FPS. And when I TRIED to find Xbox exclusives for me to find a reason to buy it.

    the only game that even "barely" comes close is Fable. And that game is very "meh" I played it on my brother's Xbox.
    i'm weird when it comes to fantasy football. i'll play a year, then skip a year. then repeat the cycle, weird i know.
    Dammit LC this whole time we haven't been friends?

    We make official friendship now
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