Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Ok well now that I'm back in the states, here are some pics I took in Dubai for your enjoyment.

You know you're in a Middle Eastern country when the airport has prayer rooms:


A mosque:


The Burj Khalifa... the tallest building in the world:


Some lovely pics of Dubai taken from Dubai Creek. See that boat in the bottom left of the first pic? I took these pics while riding on one of those boats.






SEGA Republic... the theme park I mentioned in the Sonic thread


My hotel:


Some food... this one is a sampler of Middle Eastern appetizers:


And this is a nice greasy shawarma I bought in the old part of town


Some outdoor pics of the old part of town:




Unlike some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran, the United Arab Emirates actually has freedom of religion, so I was able to go to Mass when I was in Dubai:


The Middle East isn't immune to the classic newspaper format fail. The picture here is actually of some people playing around at some kind of tomato festival. There is no story on the page about said festival. Instead, it's next to this headline (dat bloodbath!):


And finally, the seat back on my Emirates flight back home. Complete with hundreds of on-demand movies, TV shows, music, and games, plus navigational displays and a forward and underside external camera. And this was in economy class. Business class and first class are even swankier.


you lucky bastard

did you go to that indoor ski resort?
you lucky bastard

did you go to that indoor ski resort?

No, that's one I didn't make it to. My work buddy who was there with me did though. He said it was pretty awesome.

Nice LC, I'm sure it was an adventure to say the least I hope.

Much of it didn't feel like much of one. Dubai is a lot like Houston actually. When I wandered down to the old part of town though, THAT felt a lot more like an adventure.
One of my favorite T-shirts of all time.

I couldn't fit into it last year.

Guess who can fit into it now 8)


Here's a screenshot of me playing Bookworm


Tits, please tell me you wear contacts or something.... (not saying you look bad in glasses)

Because if not, then I have a gripe with u