Official Pictures Thread Part 2

A more recent pic of me. (it's hell to self take a pic from a blackberry!)

Took updated pictures of my RE stuff. Someone seems to have taken off with Dead Aim so I had to just buy it again on ebay....forgot I didn't have Mercs so just bought that as well. Gaiden, still waiting for that POS game to drop from $50.

Pretty sure Dead Aim will suddenly fall off a shelf or something as soon as the one I just bought arrives in my mailbox.


Starting from your top left: RE 10 Year Anniversary Soundtrack, Dreamcast with RE decal, PS3 with RE decal, Resident Evil (first movie), RE Essentials (RE4, RE:CVX, RE:Outbreak for PS2), RE2( PS2), RE3(PS2), RE:Outbreak:File #2 (PS2), RE: Darkside Chronicles (Wii), REOperation: Raccoon City (PS3), RE: Degeneration movie, RE (PS1), RE5(PS3), RE REmake (GC), RE0 (GC), RE: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii), RE4(GC), RE2 (N64), RE: Revelations (3DS), RE: Survivor (PS1), RE: Director's Cut (PS1), RE: Deadly Silence (DS), RE: CV (DC)


Starting from top left: Jill's beret, STARS iron on patch, RE3 guide, RE Toyfare, RE2 GamePro, entire Resident Evil novel collection (7 novels), STARS t-shirt, RE:CV Tips and Tricks, REO:RC guide, RE Archives, RE comic, Ultra Gameplayers RE2, RE:REMake guide, Electronic Gaming Monthly RE, RE: DC guide, EGM2 RE2, some page with the first RE I ripped out of some book, lol.


Zombie Forest <3


STARS Team picture, STARS office art, Leon RE2 concept pic, RE2 character pics, RE:DC ad I ripped out of a magazine.


RE1 (PS1) game script.

While looking for my RE stuff, I actually came across some of my comics/magazines and my card collection in my closet.


lol, this binder is from grade 2 (the Sailor Moon, Lion King and Hello Kitty stickers were added a few years later). I got those X-Men stickers from Pizza Hut. That was the greatest place on earth when I was a kid lol and I begged to go there just to collect all those stickers.


Some of my comics (mostly X-Men because they rule <3)


The Catwoman Wizard magazine I was talking about a few weeks ago.

Took random pictures of some of my favorite cards out of my collection.















The Ghost Rider one is one of the first cards I ever got. It is a hologram card.

One of my favs ever is that Gambit card from the 1992 Masterpieces collection. Oh my god, I loved Gambit so much when I was a kid, lol.

Started collecting with my best friend in elementary school when I was in grade 8.


^ Shocker sticker <3

Sorry about the sideways pics, I rotated them, but it seems photobucket is a POS.

If you click on the pics, though, they are rotated.
.....Soo jealous right now, You even have the beret :cry:

I'm trying to get my hands on Revelations because I just got a 3DS a few week ago, Did you just save all this stuff overtime or did you buy some of it recently?
All of that stuff is old, except Operation: Raccoon City and the guide for it, obviously, lol.

The only new ones will be Mercs when I get it and Dead Aim, since I can't find the one I have.
Here I thought I had a lot of stuff. Jade you've bested me yet again. =/ lol

Who likes my first attempt at a sig :) feel free to do better. lol
I have a lot of collections:

~Resident Evil
~Sailor Moon
~Led Zeppelin
~Rowdy Roddy Piper/CM Punk
~Cards (Marvel, DC, etc)
~Grand Theft Auto
~Mortal Kombat
~Detroit Red Wings
~Video Games (in general)
~Coins (darn skippy)

Nothing beats my Sailor Moon collection, though, lol. I will take an updated pic of it this week sometime, it is gigantic. Will probably take up my entire living room. My Red Wings collection is almost even with my Sailor Moon collection.
I'm jealous of Jades Marvel cards collection. I'd like to have those.

I'll have to take a few pictures of my collections like my Comic books, Metal Gear Solid, Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle stuff.
I started out VERY young with my stuff, around 7 or 8, so that is why it is fairly massive, lol.

My RE stuff started when I was 12.
Amazing collection Jade! I found my RE4 Collector's Edition case in my garage in a bag along with my Gamecube. I have NO idea why it was there though....

The Collector tin is worth A LOT On ebay. But mine is in shitty condition :laugh:

If only I was a huge RE fan back then. I really wasn't a fan of anything at the time. Just a fan of video games in general. Still feels good to have such an item since it's a Gamestop special edition. The laser cell goes for around 40 bucks though and mine is in almost mint condition since I didn't know what the hell it was.

My camera is being idiotic so I'll post a pic tomorrow. My damn computer won't detect the USB.
I have a small collection I moved out and lost my entire collection of Batman AS toys but I still have my Plush Batman forever batman toy. Here is what I have now.

- Arkham Asylum poster
- A nightwing, superman, blue beetle, Green Arrow and a captain marvel Dcuc figures.
- Two Dark knight posters
- Batman Begins and Dark Knight Movies
- Dark Knight Batman figure
- The Batman figure

- Captain America
- Iron man
- Hulk buster Iron man
- War Machie
- Iron spider
- Black suited Spider-Man

Game figs
- Every neca Gow figure
- Assassin's creed - Altir
- Assassin's creed 2 - Ezio
- GEARS 2- Theron Guard

1 Movie figure
- Clash of the titans Perseus

2 star wars figures
- Darth maul
- Storm Trooper

- 2 Batista figures
- 1 Undertaker figure
- Batista documentary
- Best of smackdown

And a lot more packed away. :)
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