Official Pictures Thread Part 2

Love Cowboy

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So... I know I missed the old pic party a while back, but Rita was cleaning up today (!) and found some old pics. This one is Rita and I from her high school prom... This was May 1998... when we were as young as a lot of you young'uns...



Robot Rock

Jade needs to post her ass. We got to see the winter variant a year ago, its time to roll out the summer line of the collection.


Robot Rock
Where the hell are you when you take your pictures?

Ed Boon confirms Skwerl lives in the center of the Earth.


Uncle Juandice
i took a ton of pictures in my backyard recently, it's pitch black back there some nights. so, when i wear black shirts it kind of looks like my head and arms are floating. btw, i love your new quote in your sig hahaha (looks around for ames) good ol' lames32 (sees ames) you didn't see me or hear nothin' chop chop blades man (dives into bushes)