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  • They had him holding the money in his mouth :rofl:

    Badass background btw, don't think I've ever looked at your page with it before.
    Be careful with that kind of thinking. You'll cause them to have to re-interpret the bible from a ridiculous angle so they can keep their faith.
    And what I mean by consequences is that if one is rude to the other, the other person will MOST LIKELY retaliate and demand immediate respect or there will be a fight. It's called courtesy when you respect someone. I'm not saying it's illegal to be rude, but there will be consequences for being rude, mostly retaliation and hatred. Most adults know this already especially me. And it's a lot harder to do that to say btw.
    I am doing what you've mentioned actually and yes it would be rewarding. But I will not be the one to bow down to those fools and do everything just for them to appreciate me. Everyone should already be expected to respect one another. Not apppreciate, respect. No one has the right to be rude because of someone's physical attributes or sexual orientation especially. NO ONE!
    Its like the Oscars, but for TRMK

    I was about to link it, but I just saw that you found it :)
    dude I drive to tournaments ALL the time 3-4 hours is nothing. And that's probably over exaggerating the distance no? South carolina isn't THAT big.
    Hey:) Thank you!
    Actually i have some experience in 3D and Mugen, but of course not so much as Bleed:)
    That's awesome, I've been trying to fix up my old telescope ever since I watched the last Perseid shower. Also, I can't help but to think of Dan Brown (DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, etc.) when I see Fibonacci sequences.
    Technically, you're correct. Brain signals are of a electrochemical nature, which means you have chemical signals such as dopamine, serotonin, glutamate etc. at the synaptic terminals which then cause the release of ions such as calcium, sodium, potassium and chloride which are found in different concentrations in the extracellular space and intracellular environment. The passage and exchange of these ions then creates a net "charge" which makes up the "electro" component of the signal. From that point, the signal is subjected to modulation and amplification by intercommunication with other proteins. Signal transduction is incredibly complex, but is great to see, learn and be able to control the exact way by which a cell differentiates, grows, proliferates and dies. Once you know this, you can control what the cell does by designing drugs that block a certain signal or mimics the effect of a chemical produced in the body (like DMT).
    I'll give you something to think about from a pharmacologist's point of view. DMT is a hallucinogen, it's levels are increased while we sleep, we dream while we sleep, so, are dreams nothing more than chemical signals? :)
    I have worked for a couple of drug manufacturers before, I'm currently working for Brown U. My passion is in the field of pharmacognosy which involves utilizing folk and native medicine knowledge to find and extract drugs (antibiotics, antineoplastic etc) chemicals from natural sources such as plants, herbs, bacteria and marine organisms.
    I read quite a bit and my students help keep me on my toes. I want to give you a heads up though, Botulism toxin, Ricin, Cyanide and a long list of incredibly toxic chemicals are all of natural origin. As a matter of fact, most of the most toxic compounds ever discovered are of natural origin, hence the assumption of natural=safe is incredibly flawed and potentially deadly. Propaganda from Organic and Holistic medicine folks used to deceive the public.
    I'm impressed, DMT is what we call an endogenous ligand, which means that it is produced naturally in the body (usually at small doses). It is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan which is naturally found in some of the foods we normally eat (reason why you get sleepy after eating turkey). It's mechanism of action is via mimicry (analogous) to 5-HT or serotonin (a neurotransmitter in your brain) resulting in the "high". Long term effects as you would expect are similar to abusing antidepressants, which means that you'll become "sensitized" to the effects of serotonin resulting in being down or depressed. Ultimately, this could lead to individuals taking their lives as suicidal thoughts tend to become more prevalent.
    Shit, the way I go off at people, that might get me banned, hahaha.
    But yeah, I responded to his comment, yet again explaining the difference between the scientific and laymen terms of the word. I don't know why I bother. I guess I want to make sure everyone gets it and if they don't, at least I tried.

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one here with a critical mind.
    Thanks dude. He probably won't. Or at least, he's not going to want to. I did try and make it as simple as possible, which was helped tremendously by my lack of sleep and exhaustion. :p
    It's so frustrating though, trying to make people understand that what they believe in is not reality.
    Didn't realise you had so many responsibilities!

    Perhaps you could do one of those Open University degrees. You can do them from home, and at your own pace. Naturally you wont have lecturers or access to a university library, but some online degrees are run by registered universities where you can access their library (e-version and the building).

    I'm looking into becoming a Environmental Health Officer, so far the looking has been a bit slow, and im not sure if my degree qualiifies as a lot of EHO positions state you need a certificate in Environmental Health (I have Environmental Science).

    Still it's cool you keep active. I love science, but I really love wildlife. I read in the paper today, there are some 8 million species on our planet. It's phenomenal that Evolution has created that, especially considering that 95% of ALL SPECIES that have existed since the dawn of time are now extinct.
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