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  • Fried chicken and bacon as a garnish???? LOLOL I think you just started WWIII! My Thanksgiving is always and forever will be Turkey, deviled eggs, scalloped corn, sweet potato casserole, and croissants! Oh and beer and football.
    I got some pictures I need to upload. Currently, I am fascinated in Tibetan cooking. I have a lot of friends from Tibet, so it is always interesting to see how a climate and geography effect a cuisine. Who drinks butter milk? Haha, I guess people in fridged mountains do!
    Exactly dude! I cook because it can be art too. When I get a chance I will post some stuff I made, I love making cheese displays. I am that hardcore. The creativity can be amazing. I love the history, and the cultures of all of it. Food tells the story of life. Like for example when ancient people started preserving fish, they had no fridges so they would bury it in the sand, and boom the salt (from the ocean) would help turn and dry it out like jerky, thus cooking the fish. It is amazing how all this works. Like magnets.
    I wish by passion you meant grandparents. I have been cooking for 12 years now (14 years in a kitchen). I am kind of a big deal? No jk, I enjoy it. It is fun, rewarding. So many different styles, and it is universal. I am working on breaking into fairs now (like seriously breaking in and stealing their coolers). Just getting my ducks in a row then the adventure starts! I would love to have my own business here someday. Part of my 50 year plan.
    Lol, you could probably kill a man with those.

    If we don't hear from you by then, you will be missed ;)
    A little. How are things with you? Did you eat some grilled things for me? :)
    Thank you! I'm still feeling under the weather but I'll be okay. Enjoy that BBQ!
    I feel as though I have failed you too, my friend. At least this has been corrected now. :)
    Actually, one of the reasons why I want to try hallucinogens is to verify my hypothesis that dreams (and pretty much everything that happens within our brains) are nothing more than a series of electrical and chemical reactions. I'm sure you've had plenty of people equate drugs with spiritual enlightenment or pathways to god, and as an open-minded guy, I'd like to investigate this idea for myself. I've taken a few drugs (weed, coke, alcohol and 'shrooms), but nothing has convinced me of their spiritual connection.

    I've actually had a guy (in all seriousness) claim that he knows how to have his spirit live on after his body dies. His argument is that the energy in our brains (which I assume to be the tiny electrical charges between neurons) "has to go somewhere", but without a proper conduit, I just don't see how that's possible. It's basic physics.

    I guess the source of a chemical isn't really important. That was a poor fact to base my excuse for trying it. :p
    Damn... you pull this response from the top of your head? If it's not something you had to look into, that's pretty cool. I actually don't know anyone who's ever even heard of it, including people who're into LSD and psilocibin.

    The biggest reasons I'm interested in it is because it's touted as the strongest hallucinogen known to man and it's naturally-occurring. From what I've read, your brain produces it when you dream, and I rarely dream, so I was hoping to use it help with that. Since it's "natural", I figured it was pretty safe.

    I assume you work for a drug manufacturer or something similar, too?
    You know much about dimethyltryptamine? Like short term and long term affects?
    I think the Jays are still in the running for the wild card so that would be awesome!! I hate not making the playoffs <.<
    Glad you like them =) I started making them because I feel bad for the garbage the kids these days have to watch. The name of that show sounds soooooo familiar but I don't remember anything about it!
    Wow, thats a wild analogy :laugh:

    Would make for an interesting sitcom/porno too. . .
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