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  • They complain because DLC isn't being released when dated.
    As in a day later -_-

    People LOVE to complain.
    Okay, but I'm warning you.

    I play. . . . .

    in the nude
    Its always me online.

    He doesn't have internet access at his house.

    But I'm getting it on Friday.
    I just bought him Mafia II and if I try to take it now he'll ***** for hours.
    Do you make your wings? Or do you buy them?

    I go to this liquor store across the street from my house.

    36 hot wings and 3 boxes of steak fries
    $25 even.

    Mind was blown when I first saw that deal :love:
    Hell no!
    Tag-team = less wings for me :laugh:

    But I'd definitely be tempted to try some ultra spicy ones.
    I love spicy food, but only if it tastes good, ya know?

    I don't want the sensation of the burn to be the only enjoyable thing about the wing.
    I wish I could enter one of those wing eating contests.
    I wouldn't even try to compete, its just those mounds of deliciousness need to be in my face
    Just ragin at some MK online.

    Just finished some hot wings though, so, nobody's dying tonight.

    Whats up :)
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