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  • I forget what thread it was but I think it was you and I who were going back and forth about something. It was about a week ago, I think.

    I was also being more on the sarcastic side, lol. Text doesn't show it well but, yeah, just strange how you made a comment that had absolutely nothing to do with anything I said but it's not a problem =)
    I don't care about getting neg rep, it just made no sense because it had nothing to do with what I said so it looked like you were abusing the system, so that is why I asked about it. Certainly hope it isn't the result of butthurt from a discussion we had not too long ago ;) If so, it was just a discussion, simple as that.
    I wasn't sure what you meant because I never said anything about MK5 or above being good so it seemed random. I don't really like any of the 3D ones, I like the old school 2D ones, but have a bit of hope for MK9.
    I didn't really get your rep comment. It had nothing to do with what I said so would you elaborate? Just want to understand what you meant.
    There is a dude on youtube with almost your exact screenname trying to get me to make a cartoon with him who had to insist he didn't know what TRMK was, 'cause I thought he was you for a second. Whoops.
    I actually don't make an issue of my sexuality unless someone calls me out on it. In fact, I never even spoke of it until that Mileena thread I created a while back. People were calling me a faggot for actually caring about a character's design. Which apparently is homosexual.
    hey there, yeah only a temp ban because im one of the best things that happened here.. anyways thats all for now lol
    Hi there, Eks,

    Just wanted to say thank you for reporting the spam post, makes hunting for that stuff much easier for us =)

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