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  • I guess I'm biased in favor of gay rights, what with being female and being engaged to a woman. :D Unfortunately, I don't see eye to eye with most folks around here on much of anything, but life's more fun that way anyhow. Provided of course, we can all shout each other down amicably. Some can't.
    No problem, I'm glad you're enjoying them. I was thinking of importing some the music I recommended to you on my xbox to play the new MK on tonight.
    sure thing, anything i post in any of the music threads are a good listen. Its just depending on your mood. My favorite group by far is Boards of Canada i just posted them in the music thread. Aphex Twin is good too, and I can't forget Prefuse 73. Those are some electronic artist I really enjoy listening to.
    I was actually going to mention them before Fat Jon. Fat Jon mainly makes instrumental hip-hop, just a heads up.
    yeah! that is dope that you know about them. Have you heard of Fat Jon? He's a real good producer too.
    Respect. I'm glad he was nice to you. So I'm guessing you've heard of the record he did with Daedelus & Radioinactive? If you have not, pick it up.
    I like your favorite Music Artist. Too Bad I've met Busdriver before and he happens to be an arse.

    I have a YT account, but I'm not trying to make a cartoon.
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