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  • It was only a temporary lock. There's no way we were going to keep it permanently locked.
    Haven't seen your Aussie ass in a while :)

    Just thought I'd drop by and tell you what an amazing job you guys are doing on that MK project.
    Hay could you do me a favor send me the video or link of Ermac in his alt costume thank you team noob :)
    Hey Jarvis, If you haven't known already, Amazon US will be shipping the KE to Australia. In the end, it will be cheaper by a few bucks even with the fastest shipping.

    Gotta love those bookends.

    I'm still going to be ordering the TE at JB, that way I can still play the game on release day.
    I would prefer him being on the select screen from the start, but if he's a "Story Mode" unlockable, I'd understand why.
    Thank you for clearly being the most level-headed dude on here. Apparently, I can't give you any more rep, but I so would.
    Hey, what edition of MK are you gonna get? I'm still calling every store in hope to find out when the editions are available. I'll let you guys know if I find out, and I hope you can do the same.

    Still can't believe we're getting the TE. D:
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