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  • I hear ya. I pretty much said what I wanted to say and now I'm taking a bit of a hiatus on the religion and gay marriage topics for that exact same reason. Well, that and it can get incredibly frustrating when the other party stubbornly refuses to look at the evidence provided and sticks with the same old, tired statements. Ah well, if we only ever reach one person, it will have been worth it.
    You're a good debater, mate. I don't know if you've seen any of my comments but I feel like we're on the same page about a lot of things. Keep up the good fight. ;)
    People think Kitana is better because she has bigger combos. But truth is Mileena is better because she has less bad matchups and has all the tools to compete with everyone (well except Raiden lol).
    Yeah Mileena's D4 is incredible. It has great range and lowers her already tiny hittable box. Her F3 is a step kick (can hit at max jump range) that can be canceled into teleport kick. B3 can also be canceled into teleport kick / ball roll and hits low. All her favorite BnB strings are incredibly safe on block and can be canceled into a special to check the opponent. Standing 4 can be a nasty anti-air and lead to good combos. Ball roll and teleport kick can be used on reaction to projectiles and lead to some dirty set ups or combos. She owns mid-range basically.

    She's not that great up close imo. People say she has good mixups but I don't think U4 and B1, 4 are really effective overheads. She's not meant to be played like a rushdown/mixup character. She's meant to be used as a counter/footsies character and played at half and 3/4 the screen away. Then spam otg Sais when she's too far of that zone. And up close she builds meter with safe blockstrings basically.
    Lol, I was just kidding about kicking ass.

    But it would be nice to have another sparring partner :)
    Lol, I was just kidding about kicking ass.

    But it would be nice to have another sparring partner :)
    I'm moving soon.

    So until I can get teh high speeds set up for my new place, I have to use the crap wireless my current place provides.

    Sorry :(

    Kick your ass later, promise :love:
    Oh yeah, footsies in MK9 are a little different than in SSF4. But most of the theory and tactics still apply for all fighting games.
    lol "footsies" in an old school term for the whole "mid-range" game. It includes a lot of things, from poking to zoning and from frame traps to baiting, anti-airing and conditioning.

    See it this way: Controlling the game from far away = zoning/countering. Controlling the game from up close = rushdown/mixups. Controlling the game from middle screen (around max jump distance) = footsies. Kenshi, Mileena, Sektor, Stryker and Baraka have the best footsies in this game.

    I suggest you read this if you want to learn more: http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702

    It's a very long read but an extremely interesting one nonetheless. Footsies are a principle of all fighting games, and understanding them can only make you a better player so it's worth learning how to "play footsies". It's pretty advanced stuff though.
    you had to mess with my reputation beause I showed how you failed at what you was saying, if I could I would have done the same to your reputation, I did nothing wrong other then show how you failed at what you said
    I have been working on making Sindel to be my main. lol Yes, wife should always give you food in a bowl. I would prefer to have my wife chew the food first,
    lol thanks. I like red and black too! Reminds me of castlevania or something lol. But you should probably change the color of text and/or box. Grey and red is a bad contrast for the eye.
    Hey Eks, you posted somewhere that for the 10 consecutive wins trophy in KOTH there was a bug, that you unlocked it at your 14th win. It also happened to me yesterday. Weird bug in my opinion. I was starting to get worried when I achieved my 11-12 th win, then I remembered your post. Thanks.
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