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  • I picked up Kitana about a week ago and she was really easy to be effect online with. I know the "online" part colors that, but she's really fun to play with, too.

    I think I'll try Mileena some now, tho.

    Oh, and Raiden is a ****ing *****. lol
    I see exactly what you mean about Mileena being a footsie character now. I've played 2-3 ASSHOLES who use her and that's exactly who they played her. One only got block damage on both rounds. :(
    Thanks for the link man. I already do a little of that, but those links are seriously helpful.
    Hey Vulcan, I'm an avid Stryker player and I've read everything you wrote about him on TYM.
    Thanks for sharing those precious info, you improved my game a lot! :)
    I know is not your main but what do you think of JC vs. Cyber Sub-Zero matchup?
    WTF does footsies mean? Sounds like a character that tries to maintain a specific distance?
    I wish they did too. I'd certainly have more female friends that way, haha. But I'll just stick with my mostly male group of friends. They're much better.
    I guess I'm an outlier. I don't care about fame, appearance, wealth, ability, strength, or the like. All I want is someone who can be himself 100% and be comfortable with the person he is. I just want to be loved, that's it. Sadly, women are so greedy, selfish, and materialistic that it scares all the good guys off. It's a sad world, don't you think? Don't quit on being you. The people who matter will love you for it. :)

    Hahaha, and it does kinda feel like we've known each other for years. You're just that easy to talk to.
    Sorry fot the -rep but i really dont like when people -rep because they dont agree with me, also you called me a troll lol so my reaction is -rep. Is all good.
    No, you definitely aren't bad with girls at all, because you can be yourself when you talk to them. That guy was just a total creeper and a perv. Did you see how hard I told him off on his page? It was rather funny.

    I can't wait to see what kind of image you put in your background. I agree that the golden shade of yellow you're using is a perfect complement to the purple. It looks dignified and almost has a royal quality to it. :)

    Oh, and thanks for the friend request. It was my pleasure to add you.
    I randomly clicked your profile and am quite glad I did. I LOVE the color scheme you have going on.
    haha, well, that is kinda creepy ;P

    To add a pic to your background, you have to upload some pictures into your album. Then, go to 'customize'. Click the background option and change the selection to use a pic in your album and then just pick whichever pic you want =)
    Cause your nick sounded familiar to me, well there is a type of character for everyone if it wasnt for ninjas i wouldnt play MK.
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