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  • The thanks goes to you kind sir. Opened my eyes to things that were right in front of my face.
    No problem man, you deserve respect for your kind approach on the subject matter. And your arguing for good reasons IMO. Keep up the good fight.
    Well this one isn't so much disagreeing but you mentioned the bible was the "word of God" when the bible was written by humans in a society that was very patriarchal so that would have had some influence on what was in there regarding rape. I do agree with what you said on the topic, though, it is just that thats pretty important, although you may have mentioned it and I have forgotten.
    I'd have to look a lot further back for other things because most of your recent posts I have agreed with. I'd be happy to do so if you want me to.
    You're welcome. It can be hard telling somebody something and they completely ignore it and start throwing insults at you (like in his most recent post) and still stay reasonable and still stay calm. Whilst I don't agree 100% with your posts (I do agree with most of them) they always make me think and posts like that are always good :)
    Your posts in the religion thread really are well-thought out and interesting to read. I wish more members (including me) could make posts like that.
    Its alright man, great to hear you are doing good. Things are just peachy for me, not all that good nor bad, but manageable. :)
    Pretty much all of your posts are the type of posts that would make this place a lot better. We have great members but not everyone likes to put as much effort into posts as you and Critical-Limit (and a few others).
    Great posts in the debate forum. Those are the kinds of posts that make me smile =) Very well thought out.
    It is frustrating, especially with that sheik guy's latest response.

    I just sent Pat a request to moderate that area, so hopefully I'll be able to stem some of that frustration.
    Thanks, and yeah, I've been keeping up. I tend to hold back when others are making long-winded posts so the "opponent" doesn't get overwhelmed by all of the arguments. You make good points too, and that's why I sit back at times, too.
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