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  • From Russia with love.

    I love the fact that you know enough about game creation to know the benefits of using CG sprites over real-time models. Most of the guys on here don't know as much as you do, so kudos!
    Hey! I agree with pretty much everything you said. MKAK in HD not happening was the biggest dissapointment to me and though many people say it may not look good and what not i really wanted it to happen too. I meant characters like Khamaleon and a few others that were not available in arcade versions. But characters like Mk1 Ermac and Scarlet are always welcome too. And yea, unless they have something more to offer I dont see any reason to buy it as well :).

    Thx for heads up on inbox :), sadly no way to clear it on mobile version of trmk, but all cleared now :D
    Signature max here is 500 x 200. Yours goes a little over. Please resize it.

    ~Thanks =)
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