Music you CANNOT stand


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I hate all this rap they have nowadays, no thought at all. No meaning. No talent. Of course there are execptions. I can't stand dubstep or K-POP either (lying about K-POP :) jk). Also I really hate LMFAO, actually I hate 99% of pop.


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I cannot stand any form of country music. I hate it. All country music. All the same shit over and over again about God, or how some guy ran out of beer around the campfire wishing he had a beautiful cowgirl to get fetch him more beer,how he loves his shitty rusted out Ford pick up truck and how he loves the good ol U S OF A 'MURICA!

Get out of here with that crap.

I despise the people here though that listen to country more than I do the music itself. Just because you have a big back yard with a bonfire going and have a crappy truck with the sticker on the back window that says "COWBOY UP" does NOT mean you're a cowboy. You live in Kansas City...Kansas...CITY! There's no farms or anything here.


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Also this may be shallow, but I hate bands that look/dress like this:


Regardless If heard their music or not. The appearance I just associate with crappy music.


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kill me now! please.(puts gun in your hand and holds it against forehead for you) right here man! just pull the trigger!


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^^^ I only know of this song because of someone I work with who is way older than I am when we were talking about music, he brought up when this came out. I kinda like the song haha!


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(shudders) that's not even music in my book.

Haha Bill Cosby speaks the truth :laugh:.

I don't considered them music either, just random noises that's all.


I live in southern California...I have to listen to them whether I like them or not. They don't piss me off or anything, but I don't love them either.

I don't know what part of Southern California you're at, but in my town all I hear is today mainstream Rap music, Pitbull, or Corridos.


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Lol, so true.

Every now and then I find a rap song that's catchy, but I don't go out and download the song for my iPod or 3DS and listen to it.

Actually, the few mainstream rap songs that I thought were catchy, it was just because of their beats lol. I didn't download them either because once I listened to them a couple of more times, they sounded like crap to me lol.


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Actually, the few mainstream rap songs that I thought were catchy, it was just because of their beats lol. I didn't download them either because once I listened to them a couple of more times, they sounded like crap to me lol.


Sometimes I just look up the instrumentals of the song.


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Well. i can't stand Justin beiber, and madonna at the moment (i am a fan of her) but after "give me all your luvin" i was like "seriously?"

hmmm..oh! can't stand Nicki Minaj, her voice irritates the hell out of me

and...hmmm...idk, that's all whom i can think of atm.

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These days there is no difference between these 2 genres.
Gotta agree here (Jose :love:)

Most "R&B" songs nowadays have straight-up hip hop beats now (just slowed down a bit) and are collabs with rappers

Jhene Aiko is the shit, though; probably the only modern R&B artist that I actually really like


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Today's Rap and R&B. It's the same stuff in every song.

Not true. Experimental R&B is my favorite genre, and I've always been a hip-hop head so I believe I have a good counter-argument to this.

The R&B you're probably thinking about is along the lines of Drake and shit right? He has his own style that's hip-hop and R&B fused into one. Which is why he has ambient sounding tracks that are usually found in newer R&B. I can see how people constantly are getting these two genres mixed up.

This stuff that I'm about to link is more of the progressive/underground R&B that a lot of artists are just barely starting to experiment with.

Notice how the music for these guys is way more ambient, bassy, and soaked in reverb. I mean you COULD rap over this stuff, but then again, you can rap over anything to be honest.

Now as far as content, The Weeknd is really the only artist that has pretty much the same content as a lot of rappers nowadays. Don't confuse the actual R&B artists with rapper-singers.


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I listened to both songs, I do not like either one as they are pussy shit to me.
But I thanked you for the response.

Granted the fiest son is stillplayng as I am trying to hook my headphones from Tv to PC for Sky Valley.

Currently listening to the first post above and it sucks. I listen to some girly shit when I do my eyebrows.

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I try to get into a little bit of everything but the music I dont like the most save a few artist is rap. I like a lot of the old school rap and some from today not a lot though.