Music you CANNOT stand

J. Valjean

What musician/group is so nerve-wracking, annoying, stupid, talentless, catchy in a bad way, foul, and overall crappy to the point where you're cruising and their song comes on and you just want to go real-life GTA? As many as you'd like:

Lil' Wayne
Lady Gaga
if your girl gots bieber fever, cut her head off with a meat cleaver. him and all those boy and girly bands.
Bruno Mars
Classic love song bands

EDIT: OMG I was wrong about this topic.. I thought music you cannot stand without... Damn!

Here's some annoying musics to me..:
Rebbecca Black...
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Hip hop, rap, country, jazz, trance, classical (I do like classical in metal though if mixed properly) and USUALLY commercial pop like justin bieber or rebecca black. most viewed in pop often means most retarded music so.. yeah
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Kesha (sorry, don't believe in the dollar sign as a letter, unless you're cussing), Kings of Leon (lead singer sounds like he's alway's constipated), and that damn "Fireflies" song by Owl City. Every time I hear that song, I feel the need to go beat my chest and grunt just to get the testosterone flowing again in my system.
anything autotuned

So basically anything from the last ages. Unless you mean that ridiculous sound they get when they turn all the options to 11 and end up with something that no longer sounds like a recognisable voice at all. Hell they even autotune most growled vocals.

Deicide (Absolute disdain Glen Benton)
Most everything on the radio, at least the sickening catchy type.
The big one, dance music, I don't want to hear that stuff in bars, it is just annoying.

Can put up with most anything else really.
Almost anything from this generation.

The music that i do like from this generation is mostly from video games
Metalcore and Screamo. What dumb people mistakenly refer to as "hardcore", when it is in fact not.
I'll give everything a chance. I like some types of music more than others, but it usually depends on the mood. I don't listen to pop culture music voluntarily but I'm not completely opposed to it.

Example, I think Gaga is a genius, both aesthetically and in talent but I wouldn't go as far as downloading her music.
all music from 2000 till now not what you can call music also all rap music now adays just suck it has no soul and hard ship like what made it popular in the mid to late 90's