Music you CANNOT stand


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sounds more like Freddie Mercury resurrected as a black woman with twice the teeth and twice the AIDS.
Not gonna lie though, there's like a few song by them that's all right,

I see. The same I say about Justin Bieber. He has a few songs that I like but I really don't like him. Actually the only song I really love from Bieber is, "Next to You" featuring Chris Brown. The rest of his songs, I really don't like especially when he was younger. The songs that he sang while younger sounded too mature for his age. The lyrics would be for 20 year olds and not teens for the most part.


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Anything that you hear on B96. I am appalled that my father listens to such crap, and I cannot stand going out to places hearing at least one of these repeated "songs," if you even want to call them that, where I am at.

None of the music sounds any different from the last, and I'm sick of these songs that just have absolutely no meaning to them.

Country also pisses me off only because it's depressing and I don't like depressing music.

Anything Taylor Swift because knowing her relationships outcomes are just not even remotely interesting.

Katy Perry's songs never struck me as something I want to listen to. Basically anything that teenagers are into, I just want them to go away.

So yeah.

Vladmir Makarov

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Country,Rap and Pop such as Kesha,etc. Country sucks.Rap is TERRIBLE..dont even get me started on pop.

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Normally, I hate rap music with a passion. But Within Temptation's new album Hydra, has them collaborating with one rapper (Xzibit) in one song. "And We Run" turned out to be my favorite song on the album. I guess rap just needs to be implemented the right way and not use the same crap about sex, drugs, and murder.


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Wait why Avicci? I can understand lorde but its your opinion. :p I LOVE 80's music though ;D

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Well, Avicci's "Levels" remixes were ok but damn that one song "Wake Me Up" or something like that was HORRIBLE!!! It sounded like he was singing naked in Antarctica or in a freezer (like he was shaking and freezing while singing).

Taj Gill

I guess rap just needs to be implemented the right way and not use the same crap about sex, drugs, and murder.

Tbh, that's the only rap I can listen to LOL, that's why I can't stand modern mainstream hip hop these days, because its so soft. Cough, Drake, cough, Correctional Officer Ricky, cough.

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Country. It's always boring walk on the farm, lets make love on my tailgate type stuff... and the sound is blaahh to me. Any other genre I can tolerate. Literally, even if I don't like the genre. As long as it's not Country I will NOT complain.


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I can listen to most types of music but I seriously hate modern country. Its not even real country. Its more like pop with country topics.