Music you CANNOT stand

I mean music taste is all subjective but I’m still not into country music in the slightest. Growing up in the south, it was all I ever heard via friends, family, school etc.
I'm not into that screaming death stuff.

Also is it just me getting older, or does most current pop music really suck? I know people say that every generation, but I really feel like being a 90s/early 2000s kid even the "blah blah" music back then, like Britney, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys etc, was still way better than the stuff that's out now.

Maybe it's just my bias, I crushed on Howie D from BSB waay too hard haha
I think you just have to look for the music that you’re into, Spotify has a really good “discover” option. I’m not too into current pop but there’s good pop songs that have been released lately if you look for it.