MKHS: First Semster

Great read and I'm surprised you got it to us so early. Two things:

1) Ermac address himself as "I" this time around (I did put that in the story)
2) They're all orphans so they can't possibly have mothers. (Well maybe if it has a foster mom but we didn't get all deep into that)

But like I said above, great read :)

Ahh, didn't know that about Ermac. He really hasn't appeared all that much.

As for Cage having a mom, do not fret my good fellow. All will be explained in due time. Patience my friend. Patience indeed.
Sorry to nag. Patience is what i shall acquire!!

*Sits down*

And honestly, Ermac is a lot funnier to write using we. I think he's featured little enough that we can ignore that little slip up, right? *uses Jedi mindtrick*

Oh, and bonus points to whoever can figure out who I modeled Ermac after.
What's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a giant column of incoming text! Seriously, how do you even get that stuff confused? Anyway, I hope you guys are ready for part two of Sunday, because if you're not I will walk to your house, grab you by the neck, and force-feed the text through your eyes. That will be all.


11:56 AM

Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, Stryker, and Skarlet are sitting at a large table, eating lunch at the Deadly Alliance of Chefs Syndicate restaraunt, and Johnny Cage is currently telling his tale of a tragic event earlier that morning.

Johnny Cage: So just yesterday, I was rehearsing for that school play when out of nowhere this guy walks up to me and says I have talent. Shows me his business card and it turns out he’s some famous movie director.
Jax: You got jumped by a movie director rehearsing for a school play? My ******** detector just went through the roof!
Johnny Cage: I’m telling you it’s true!
Sonya: Just let him finish Jax. I’m interested in hearing what movie he was obviously signed up for.
Johnny Cage: Anyway, he says he’ll sign me up for a 500 grand contract to act in this movie if I let him adopt me.
Stryker: Adoption? Pimpin’
Johnny Cage: Not the adjective I’d use to describe it, but yeah. It was pretty awesome. Not only am I actually gonna have parents, but I get a 500 grand movie contract in the process.
Sonya: This sounds too good to be true. You sure you’re not embellishing your tale just a little bit?
Johnny Cage: As it turns out, it was to good to be true. Turns out, both my new parents are extremely rich, to the point of my mom having this sick Ferarri.
Stryker: Ferarri? Pimpin’
Johnny Cage: Again not the word I’d use to describe it, but yeah. It was pretty ****ing sick. Anyway, what with me being their new son and all, they actually said I could take it out for a drive as an adoption present.
Sonya, laughing: I think I see where this is going.
Johnny Cage: Anyway, I drive up to Armageddon Pancakes for some breakfast, parking the car just like I would every other day and head in. I head into the store and the car’s fine. I head back out and the whole thing’s erupted into flames. I had to put on a second pair of sunglasses just to look at it!
Stryker: Second pair of sunglasses: Pimpin’.
Johnny Cage: Seriously, what the **** is up with you and that word!? I’m telling a tragic tale of me being an arson victim and you’re calling everything I mention a ****ing pimp!
Stryker: Calm the pimp down son. I’m playing this seriously pimp 30 day challenge thing. I have to use a single pimpin’ word, or variations of it in every sentence I use that day. The next day the word switches to a different pimpin’ word. I’m on the 27th pimpin’ day. Don’t want to pimp up now/
Johnny Cage: I’ll pretend that makes sense and continue my story. Anyway, my parents had specifically told me they didn’t insure it because “those insurance people are nothing but two-bit thieves who take your money and don’t return it when some jackass rear-ends your Ferarri.” They weren’t too happy when I told them the car spontaneously burst into flame in a parking lot.
Stryker: That’s not very pimp.
Jax: Well that’s not the most believable story. When was the last time someone set fire to a Ferrari around here?
Johnny Cage: When was the last time you saw a Ferrari around here?
Jax: … Touche.
Johnny Cage: Anyway, it turns out a Ferrari Enzo costs about 450 grand, so my movie contract is now worth 50,000 bucks instead of the original 500,000.
Jax: Damn, that does suck.
Stryker: Those pimps were pretty harsh on you.
Johnny Cage: I’ll say.

At the end of the table Skarlet is debating on whether or not she should speak her mind. She’s not really used to talking to people, and shes not sure if they even want her to talk. Jax invited her, said that if she wanted to meet new people she could tag along, but she wasn’t sure. But... This Johnny person was getting mad at his parents over something fair, not even realizing that he had something very few people in the school had. Taking a few moments to collect herself, she made up her mind.

Skarlet, very quietly: At least you have parents.
Jax: What was that Skarlet?
Skarlet: I said at least you have parents Johnny. None of us have parents.
Johnny Cage: I know, and I know I should be more grateful... but they’re charging me 450,000 bucks for something that isn’t even my fault.
Jax, speaking thoughtfully: Actually, Skarlet is completely right. You have something none of us have. Something all of us would love to have, yet you’re complaining. Think about it this way. You’re still making 50 grand. That’s a helluva lot more than any of us are making.
Johnny Cage: Y’know, you’re right. What the hell am I complaining about. I’m probably making as more than Coach Goro and I’ve got parents. I’m probably the luckiest person around right now. Thanks Skarlet.
Skarlet, shocked that someone is actually talking to her: Oh... I- er... Thank you?
Johnny Cage: Heh, you’re not too bad. ‘Bout time someone smart joined our little group.
Sonya, indignantly: Hey!
Skarlet: M-me? You’re group?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, me, Jax, Sonya, and Stryker. You said you wanted to make some friends, right?
Skarlet: I uh... How do I join?
Johnny Cage: You’re here aren’t you? I say you’re already in. What about you guys?
Jax: I have no problems with that.
Sonya: As long as you don’t insult my intelligence again.
Stryker: Pimpin’.
Johnny Cage, rolling his eyes at Stryker and waving his arms in exaggerated motions: Well then... By the powers invested in me by the mighty elder gods, I decree Skarlet the newest member in the awesome group of awesomeness!
Skarlet: I- I- Thank you! Without thinking, she jumps out of her chair, throwing a big hug around the still standing Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: I- You’re welcome?


2:47 PM

Kung Lao is in the room he shares with Liu Kang, completely immersed in the game currently running on his Xbox 360. He’s still in this state when Liu Kang walks into the room

Liu Kang: Is this what you’ve been doing all weekend? Nobody’s seen you at all.
Kung Lao: I’m playing this new game I bought.
Liu Kang: You bought a new game?
Kung Lao: Yep.
Liu Kang: Here let me grab a controller. I’ll join in.
Kung Lao: Oh, sorry. This game is only single player.

Liu Kang just stands there, in awe of the revelation Kung Lao has just revealed.

Liu Kang: You- You’re playing a- a single player game?
Kung Lao: Yeah, why?
Liu Kang: You said you hated anything that you couldn’t play versus in.
Kung Lao: I made this bet with Ermac. If the coin was heads, I’d play their favourite single player game. If it was tails, they would play my favourite MP game. I’ve never been so happy to lose. He made me play this game called Mass Effect, right? And I started up, intending to play until he left, then go back to Halo. Then the game started.
Liu Kang: Seriously? The game started and you fell in love with it?
Kung Lao: Well first it let me make my guy look just like me. Seriously, replace Lao with Shepard and I’m now a galactic hero. Then, as if that wasn’t awesome enough, I could choose my class. Sure, you could be a boring old soldier like in CoD or Halo, but I discovered the Vanguard. It gives you a shotgun and biotics.
Liu Kang: Biotics?
Kung Lao: It’s like I’m ****ing Ermac with a shotgun. I can lift stuff in the air telikinetically and shoot it with a shotgun, throw guys off cliffs telikineitcally. I’m one with the ****ing force!
Liu Kang: That does sound pretty awesome.
Kung Lao: And then there’s the awesome story, and the awesome characters, the awesome missions, the awesome guns. The whole thing is just awesome. Anyway, I beat the first game about an hour ago after getting the completionist achievement. Took me about 52 hours.
Liu Kang: You’ve been playing this for 52 hours straight!
Kung Lao: 53 hours. I ran out and bought the second game about an hour ago, now shut up. There’s a cutscene.

All is silent for a few seconds, before Kung Lao suddenly blurts out
Kung Lao: Tali!
Liu Kang: What the hell is Tali?
Kung Lao: She’s the most awesome character ever made. Now shut up. I’m talking to her.
Liu Kang: Well, when you’re done let me know. Sounds like I better try it out.
Kung Lao: Sure thing bro. Now let me talk to Tali in peace.

5:07 PM

Smoke walks into the restaurant the minutes early for his 5:10 reservation with Jade. Looking around the waiting area, he happily notes that she is already here and waiting for him. Smiling, he quickly walks over to her location.

Jade: Hey Smoke!
Smoke: It’s great to see you again Jade. Always is.
Jade: I love seeing you to, and I think it’s very romantic to take me out for dinner like this. Deceptive Diners serves good food.

Suddenly, she notices the two bags in his hands.

Jade: What’s in those bags Smoke?
Smoke: The first one is for me. (He pulls out a package of gum, and pops a piece into his mouth, chewing it slowly)
Jade: Gum, really?
Smoke: This isn’t just any gum. This gum helps lessen nicotine addictions. I know you didn’t like it when you saw me smoking the other day, so I figured I’d try and stop.
Jade: That’s great. I’m very proud of you, and it makes me happy that you’re doing it for me.
Smoke: It won’t be easy, but I’m hoping I can at least lessen the addiction.
Jade: I’ll still love you either way.
Smoke, with a grin: I do to.
Jade: Very funny Smoke, now... are you going to tell me what’s in the other bag?
Smoke: Ahh, this bag? Just a little something for my girlfriend.
Jade, excitedly: A present? For me?
Smoke: Yep.

Smiling, Smoke pulls out a fancy vase filled with luscious green roses.

Jade: Green roses! That’s amazing! How’d you get them in green though? I thought roses were red?
Smoke, chucklying: It’s really quite amazing what Ermac can do with those green telikinetic powers of his. I had to call in some favours, but they managed to change their natural pigment. Somewhere along the way they also genetically modified them so they can grow as long as they’re in water and don’t need soil. I tell you I’m glad somebody’s paying attention in Biology.
Jade: I’d love them however you gave them to me. The fact that you went out of you’re way to make them green though... that means so much to me.
Smoke: I’d go out of my way to make you happy any day. After all... I love you more than anything in the world.
Jade: I love you too Smoke.

Slowly, they both began leaning forward into each other, lips almost touching.

Smoke: I love you so mu- CRACK!

A loud crack split the air, quickly followed by a string of equally loud curses.

Scorpion: Son of a *****! I don’t wanna ****ing be here! I was with Mileena! She’s gonna be so ****ing pissed at me for leaving like this. Goddammit! I really need to learn to control this shit...

Another crack reverberated through the air, and Scorpion was gone once more.

Smoke: Well that killed the mood a bit.
Jade, still smiling: I don’t know, I think we can continue where we left off...


So... that's part two. Among other things, Skarlet's got friends now, Kung Lao's addicted to Mass Effect, Stryker's pimpin', Scorpion still can't control his teleport, and Smoke and Jade are completely and utterly enamored with each other.

I hope I came up with a decent reason for Johnny Cage having parents (it's also leading into him having the same career as he did in his past life, but with less defending earthrealm).

Now, none of you have figured out who I modeled Ermac after yet? At least tell me you've noticed the pattern in restaurant names.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it. Part 3 will be coming up tomorrow and will detail Sunday evening.
SPOILER ALERT: Kung Lao's still playing ME2.

Anyway, read, review, and have a nice day.
Im so glad i got to read this early in the morning. It was well written of course adding some great plot points. You added some tags ya sneaking beaver ;). Plus you including Ermac in the story without direct dialouge is pretty damn awesome :D.
Great job! Nice that Skarlet is getting' some attention in this series, and I am disappoint at Lao's fanboyism :laugh:
Great job! Nice that Skarlet is getting' some attention in this series, and I am disappoint at Lao's fanboyism :laugh:

But Kung Lao's the good type of fanboy. He's a Mass Effect fanboy and soon to be Talimancer. Obviously, he's the smartest guy out of ye bunch of them.
Oh yeah I forgot to do this early.

This story was, what's the word?


So sorry had to get that out of my system :laugh:

Following in the footsteps of Kurtis Stryker are we?

Glad you guys are all liking it. Last part will be up tonight.
So... Are you guys ready for the COMPLETELY EPIC CONCLUSION TO SUNDAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you guys ready for EPIC CAPS-LOCK TYPING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you ready to WORSHIP ME LIKE A GOD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Answer key: Yes, no, yes.

So anyway, here comes the conclusion to Sunday, along with the conclusion to my time writing MKHS. It's been a pleasure. Truly.

Now without further ado, I present the Sunday Finale! Enjoy!

8:07 PM

Johnny Cage and Jax are in the room they share with Skarlet and Johnny is packing up his things to go move in with his new parents.

Jax: I still can’t believe you’re leaving Johnny.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, it’ll be weird having a room to myself and all that. Rest assured though that you will all be allowed to come down on the weekends and the like. My parents house is ****ing huge. We’ve got this giant pool and my dad even said he was thinking of having a rollercoaster built around the house.
Jax: Seriously? That would be intense! Or as Stryker says, pimpin’.
Johnny Cage: Dear god, don’t remind me. I think his explanation got a laugh out of Skarlet though. First time I’ve ever seen her laugh. It was kind of... (stops speaking, realizing what he was about to say)
Jax, suspiciously: Kind of what?
Johnny Cage: Ahh, it’s nothing. I was just gonna say, uhh... interesting. Yeah, that’s right. It was very... intersting.
Jax: Yeah you keep telling yourself that. I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what you were about to say.
Johnny Cage: Okay maybe it wasn’t, but honestly? I’m really not sure what I was about to say.
Jax: Really? That’s interesting (he stresses the word, mocking Johnny’s previous answer)
Johnny Cage: Yeah, laugh it up. You wouldn’t understand.
Jax: Try me.
Johnny Cage: Okay. You ever get that feeling in your stomach that’s all buzzing, but in a good way when you look at someone, to the point that it naturally makes you smile?

Jax is silent for a moment. Then, after a few seconds he bursts into laughter.

Jax: I... Oh my God! It actually happened to you! After all that denial, it actually happened!
Johnny Cage: What the **** are you talking about?
Jax: You remember that time you told us all how you didn’t need love, and you’d just have multiple woman hanging off your arms?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, why?
Jax: You actually don’t realize it?
Johnny Cage: Realize what? What the **** are you talking about?
Jax: I think you just proved that statement wrong.
Johnny Cage: I still don- oh.
Jax: Yeah, oh. Took you long enough.
Johnny Cage: You seriously think that?
Jax: Yep. Gonna go into a fit of denial now? Hold off a second while I get my camera.
Johnny Cage, smiling: Actually, I was gonna say that what you said might not be entirely untrue.
Jax: Yeah you ju- Seriously! No denial or anything?
Johnny Cage: Nope!
Jax: Way to be son, way to be. Welcome to the club! (holds out his hand)
Johnny Cage: Hold on there Jax. It’s not exactly a done deal or anything, I mean, it just happened today.
Jax, retracting his hand: True...
Johnny Cage: You might want to hold those reservations though.



Liu Kang is in the room he shares with Kung Lao, watching his roomate play his latest addiction.

Liu Kang: Dude! It’s nine ‘o ****ing clock. We have school tomorrow and you’ve been on that thing for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT! Seriously, don’t you think enough is enough?
Kung Lao: Give me a minute! Tali’s in serious danger right now! I have to save her before the geth get her.
Liu Kang: It’s just a game!
Kung Lao: Wait ‘till you play it. Then you’ll see how aweso- DAMN IT!
Liu Kang: What is it now?
Kung Lao: You made me miss the paragon interrupt! Kal might die now! I hope you’re ****ing happy bro.
Liu Kang: You’re hopeless.


10:04 PM

In the room shared by Ermac and Kenshi.

Ermac: We fail to understand how listening to Justin Bieber music aids in your evening meditations.
Kenshi: Don’t ask questions. You cannot hope to comprehend my reasons.
Ermac: Meditations are supposed to put oneself in an empty state of mind. Listening to music stops that process. Consensus has been reached that you are merely using your meditations as an excuse to listen to low quality audio files. This lack of self-confidence implies a derivative quadratic error in your mental functioning capacities that reduces your paramount abilities to decisively ignore potent jabs of hostile vocabulary directed at your being.

Kenshi, completely and utterly confused is silent for a few seconds, attempting to make sense of what he just heard. After a few seconds of trying he just gives up.

Kenshi: …Maybe?


(this next part goes out to one of out readers. You know who you are.)

10:28 PM

A light knocking is heard on the door to Scorpion and Sub Zero’s room.

Scorpion: I’ll get it.
Sub Zero: Who the hell comes to our room at this time of night?
Scorpion: I don’t know. Maybe they figured out I set that Ferarri on fire.
Sub Zero: You set a Ferrari on fire!?
Scorpion: Not on purpose! I wa-

The light knocking turns out into an ungodly barrage of smacks, thwaks, bangs, and explosions.

Scorpion: Dear ****ing lord! What do you want!

The person at the door answers by beating it even harder.

Scorpion: Okay I’m opening the door!

Suddenly, the door goes flying backwards, revealing the drooling face of Mr. Baraka.

Mr. Baraka: *hic* A- All of you go t- t- to detention. You- You’re under *hic* arrest for terrorism and pony riding!
Sub Zero: What. The. ****?
Mr. Baraka: And cussing! That’s a one *hic* gazillion *hic* dollar fine for cussing!
Scorpion: Err... Mr. Baraka, are you okay?
Mr. Baraka: I’m asking the *hic* questions here! *hic* You...
Sub Zero: Mr. Baraka?
Mr. Baraka: You... You...

Suddenly the tarkatan teacher pitches forward, passing out on the floor of the two ninja’s room. Scorpion and Sub Zero just stand in stunned silence for about a minute.

Sub Zero, breaking the silence: Well that was new.
Scorpion: You think we should call an ambulance or something?
Sub Zero: Eh... He’ll be fine. Let’s go see if we can crash at Jax’s place. I hear Johnny Cage just moved in with his new parents so he should have some room.
Scorpion: Wait, let’s take some pictures for next time he gets mad at us.
Sub Zero: I like the way you think.

With that, the two of them begin snapping pictures with their camera phones.


10:57 PM

In Kitana and Mileena’s room.

Kitana: Good night Mily, thanks for talking with me.
Mileena: No problem sis’.

There’s a brief moment of silence before Mileena speaks up again.

Mileena: So have you set a wedding date yet?

End Sunday.

Zoidberg, I believe I just made your day, no?

Now... I hope you all enjoyed Sunday as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm sure you all thought it was completely and utterly perfect and would like me to write more, but alas, all perfect things must come to an end. I am handing the reins back to Yung and the other MKHS writers, taking with me the pride of adding my 4000 words to such a great story. It's been a pleasure working with you all (or more specifically, doing volunteer work FOR you all) and it makes me sad that I have to leave you all like this (Yung, I love you. I always will. Please forgive me.) but I cannot stay any longer. I have dreams of exploration! Dreams that cannot be satisfied within the confines of MKHS, regardless of how amazing it may be. I know I may be overdoing this, but I believe that this is a truly heartfelt moment for all of TRMK (and I have a flair for the dramatic. ****ing deal with it) and hope this goes down in TRMK history as one the most moving moments of all our lives. Goodbye to all of you. I hope to cross paths with you all in the next life.

This is Toxic, signing out.

(If the next MKHS wishes for a quick rundown on all the events of Sunday, he or she may contact me at username: Toxic, by utilizing the PM or VM buttons. If any of you screw up the events I've set in motion with this story my internet ghost will haunt you 'till death do us part)
Good story bro! Hate to see you leave but I guess it's better if you want to accomplish those "dreams" of yours...
That was one hell of a closing statement. I'm really glad you offered your talents and it came out oh so nicely. Great quality from a great writer
C'mon guys! Can none of you shire out who I modeled Ermac after? Can you not at least figure out the pattern in restaurant names?

Anyway, glad you're all liking it. I think I just set up a whole lot of things for re MKHS writers to expand on (like JC/Skarlet and KL being a devout Talimancer and Mass Effect addict) and hopefully y they don't screw it up TOO badly (jk, they're all awesome).

Oh, and that'll be fifty dollars for utilizing my services. I expect payment by the end of next week.

Now, where's zoidberg? I just made his day and he ignores it? I'll have to message him.