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MKHS: First Day​

*In a dark classroom*
Liu Kang: W-Where am I?
Kung Lao: Buddy how’s it going? Whoa why are you in your underwear?
Liu Kang: What? *Looks down to reveal his red boxer briefs* Ahh!
Kitana: Really embarrassing. And to think you were going to ask me out. I rather have Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Mhm that’s a great choice. Now kiss me slut *They tongue each other fiercely*
Liu Kang: Kung Lao what the hell!? You know I was going to ask her out, sometime.
Kung Lao: B*tch please! You don’t have the balls to ask her out. Besides you’re not good enough for her. She deserves better.
Liu Kang: But-
Kitana: Face it loser, I don’t like you Liu… Liu… Liu…
*Kung Lao shaking Liu*
Kung Lao: Liu wake your ass up!
Liu Kang: *Wakes up* What!? What happened!?
Kung Lao: What do you mean what happened? We have school you ass. I’m not being late on the first day of school cause you wanna have a wet dream. *Walks out the room and into the bathroom*
Liu Kang: *Looks down at his hand* Ha, hahaha! It was just a nightmare.
Kung Lao: *From the bathroom* A wet nightmare? Your sick Liu.
Liu Kang: Shut up and take a shower already.
*After the morning routine*
Kung Lao: Ready to go?
Liu Kang: You bet! Can’t wait to see everyone again.
*On the walk to school*
Johnny Cage: Guys!!
Kung Lao: Well if it isn’t future porn star Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Sex Time John at your service.
Liu Kan: Hahaha. How was your summer?
Johnny Cage: Oh I didn’t do anything big. Just lost my V card and saw a couple of movies.
Liu Kang: What!?
Kung Lao: Whoa seriously?
Johnny Cage: *Takes out phone* I have photo evidence.
Kung Lao: Damn she’s cute. Nice body too.
Liu Kang: How did you pull this off?
Kung Lao: Probably paid her.
Johnny Cage: Please don’t insult me. I told her she looked cute in her outfit and we got to talking. A week later I’m in her house losing my V-Card.
Kung Lao: Wow. I wanna be like you when I grow up.
Johnny Cage: Sorry I don’t really permit other people to copyright on my style.
Liu Kang: Whatever, we got to get to school.
Kung Lao: Oh so you can confess your emotions to Kitana?
Liu Kang: No! So I can get a helpful education.
Johnny Cage: Yeah Kung Lao. He’s gonna get “helpful” education in Health so he can teach it to Kitana.
Liu Kang: Shut the hell up! *Puts Cage in a headlock*
Jax: Will you guys keep it down. It’s 7:25 am in the got damn morning. Too early to be hearing this.
Liu Kang: Sorry just putting Johnny in his place.
Jax: More like on a leash hahaha.
Kung Lao: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, and whoa. Jax, last time I saw you, you were not this huge. The hell you been doing eating people and moving planets?
Jax: Hahaha no. I workout out every day of the summer. Non-stop.
Johnny Cage: Jax quit bull shitting and confess, nobody workouts on the weekend.
Jax: I did.
Johnny Cage: What? You f*cking monster.
Jax: What can I say I was motivated. By last year…
*The four friends fell silent as they remembered THAT incident*
Liu Kang: Come on it’s the first day of school. You know the rule: No fighting on the first week of school.
Jax: I don’t think I can follow that rule.
Kung Lao: Well let’s quit talking, *Checks phone* It’s 7:35 and I sure as hell don’t want detention.
Johnny Cage: Good point.
Jax: Anybody feel like racing?
Liu Kang: Your on.
*After a short run the four friends arrived at the school*
Johnny Cage: *Out of breath* Why… are… you… so fast?
Jax: Like I said, *Points to bicep* Every day of the week.
Liu Kang: Show off.

They entered the building. It felt new even though they’ve been there for a couple of years. Must be the summer break feeling. There classes were posted in the Main Hall. They saw their names and headed for their homeroom. Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny, and Jax all had First Block with Mr. Tsung. They walked to First Block to find Sonya, Kabal, Stryker, Smoke, and Ermac in the classroom.

Sonya: Hey boys.
The Four Boys: Hey
Jax: How was your summer?
Sonya: *Sighs* f*cking pitiful.
Johnny Cage: Hey! Watch your f*cking mouth, there’s kids in here.
Sonya: Hahaha. No it was pitiful cause of Kano.
Jax: What did he do!?
Sonya: We broke up. Cause he’s not loyal.
Jax: Wow.
Sonya: Yeah. Doesn’t matter though. It’s all in the past.
Johnny Cage: Who did he cheat on you with?
Sonya: I’m not sure. He just said I was boring and was glad that he cheated on me.
Jax: That mother—Do you know anything about this, Kabal.
Kabal: *An un-scarred Kabal with hands behind his head and feet on his desk* I’m not his f*cking daddy. If I was, I beat his ass at least twice a day. *Puts feet down* What he does on off time is a mystery to me.
Jax: You weren’t with him during the summer?
Kabal: Naw. Went to Arizona.
Johnny Cage: Was it hot?
Kabal: Hot is a f*cking understatement.
*Suddenly, beings of ice and fire walkthrough the door*
Sub-Zero: I’m just saying you need to learn how to swim.
Scorpion: Well you shouldn’t have pushed me in the f*cking pool with my clothes on! Plus you freezed the damn water before I could get out!
Sub-Zero: You shouldn’t have f*cked with my Facebook. Payback’s a b*tch ain’t it.
Scorpion: Still mad about that?
Sub-Zero: Hell yeah!
*Shang Tsung walks in along with the rest of the students*
Mr. Tsung: Ok take your seats and will begin the first day of school.
*Bell rings*
Mr Tsung: Here is a seating order for you guys:
First Row: Stryker, Sonya, Mileena, Nightwolf
Second Row: Kung Lao, Jax, Kabal, Johnny Cage
Third Row: *Cyrax, Reptile, Scorpion, Noob
Fourth Row: *Sektor, Ermac, Sub-Zero, Smoke
Fifth Row: Jade, Skarlet, Kitana, Rain
Sixth Row: Kenshi, *Hydro, *Kano, Liu Kang

(*= Cyrax, Sektor, and Hydro are human. Hydro has longer hair than Sub-Zero. Also Kano is absent today.)
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Re: MKHS: First Day

Mr. Tsung: Hello everyone, welcome to MKHS. I’m your 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Tsung. Usually we go over the syllabus and do some sort of ice breaker game but that is not the case this year. Today is highly important for you juniors, for there are only 24 of you total. Today, you will all get folders from your past lives.
*30 seconds of silence*
Mr. Tsung: Before we can give you those folders, you guys have to listen to a boring history lesson while I check my Facebook. *Smirks* Without more delay, please welcome Principal Khan.
*A huge man walks into the classroom with a blue two-pieced suit and slicked back grayish-black hair*
Principal Khan: Good morning class.
MK Juniors: Good Morning.
Principal Khan: I’m glad to see that you’ve all returned safe and sound. So the day has finally come to tell you of how you guys came to be and how this school was founded. Well here it is.

Back in the early days our realms were divided into war and chaos. The cycle did not end until there was a great war between the Realms of Mortal Kombat and the Great Onaga. Onaga wanted the realms for himself so he could have enough forces to dethrone the Elder Gods. To combat with this situation, me and the teaching staff at this school retaliated Onaga with our strongest Kombatants and other warriors as well. The war lasted for a period of three weeks. However, to us it was an eternity. We won the war, obviously, and defeated Onaga, but at a great cost. We had lost our strongest Kombatants. We we’re all confused at the outcome, we didn’t have any insight to do anything else, until He showed up. Coming from Earthrealm a man named Edward Boon approached me in Outworld. He said, “I saw the outcome, I am sorry for your loss of warriors. However I may have a solution.” Thus he told me and the rest of the teaching staff about cloning. At first we we’re reluctant, but later we agreed that it would be the best. Along with Mr. Tsung and other scientists from Special Forces, we began project, Resurrection. And thus you guys we’re made.

*Silence for about 20 seconds*

Principal Khan: But of course there was a problem. While the project was still going on, there was concern for your futures. There was an option to continue the cycle again of war and chaos, or start anew. Mr. Boon was the voice of reason and viewed it best that you guys should live your own lives. Most of us came to an agreement and decided it would be best to start anew. When the project was finished, we separated most of you from birth, sending you guys in different foster homes around Chicago. We knew that no matter the outcome you would always attend this high school. We asked for government approval to have all of the students here return to this school no matter what happens.

Kabal: So that’s how I passed 8th grade.
*Everybody laughs*

Principal Khan: *Smirks* After we separated you we immediately got to work on this school building and the dorm rooms so that we could be prepared. The teaching staff and me had to attend school to get degrees so the whole thing could be legal. And trust me, it was hard for all of us, but we pulled through. When all was said and done, we asked Mr. Boon, “What can we do to repay you?” He merely answered, “Nothing, seeing my creations coming back to life is already a gift for me.” Until this day I have no idea what he meant by creations however we are always grateful to that man until this day. *Sighs* Well the time has come to learn of your past lives. Mr. Tsung if you will.
*Shang Tsung pulls out desk drawer and passes out folders*
Principal Khan: I wanted to give these to you guys when you acquired senior status but me and the teaching staff we’re too excited to wait. *Opens door* Also because it is a Thursday, it will be a half day. So school until 11:30 instead of the regular 2:30. You are to remain in your first block for today. Tomorrow it will be a full day. I have to give the same speech to other classrooms so good luck and have a nice day. *Exits*
Mr. Tsung: Damn near fell asleep. Well class I’ll give you some time to read your folders. While you’re doing that I’ll pass out the syllabus and then we’re done for the day.

After about say 45 minutes the class have read their folders and started conversations around the room.

Johnny Cage: *Whistling* I was a big action movie star.
Jax: I was a Special Forces operative.
Kung Lao: I was the Great Sage of Outworld. Hey Liu what about you?
Liu Kang: Oh nothing big.
*Kung Lao reaches for Liu’s folder*
**Liu smacks his hand**
Liu Kang: No! No touch!
Kung Lao: Okay fine I won’t read it. *Teleports and grabs Liu’s folder*
Liu Kang: Damn I always forget you can teleport! *Tries to reach for his folder but Kung Lao is keeping him back with his foot*
Kung Lao: Let’s see, Champion of Earthrealm, Shaolin Master, and… oh, oh ho ho! Now this makes sense.
Jax: What is it?
Kung Lao: It says hear that Liu was married to Ki-
*Liu Kang chops Kung Lao in the neck making him collapse on top of his desk*
Johnny Cage: Well, well, I guess that does make sense.
Liu Kang: No it doesn’t! You don’t even know who he was talking about.
Jax: Come on Liu. It doesn’t take a smart kid to know that you love Ki-
Liu Kang: *Points his hand at Jax* You’ll be next if you say it.
Sonya: Hey Jax it says we were partners in the Special Forces together.
Jax: Hahaha. I knew there was a reason why we always got along so well. *Under his breath* And why I hate Kano.
Sonya: Hm?
Jax: Nothing.

Sub-Zero: What did it say about you?
Scorpion: I was a servant for the Netherrealm.
Sub-Zero: Oh so an extreme ass kisser?
Scorpion: F*ck everything you stand for.
Sub-Zero: What about you bro?
Noob: I was the same. An extreme ass kisser for the Netherrealm. Kinda ironic cause I had to do yard work for Mr. Chi over the summer.
Smoke: Bet you he paid you to bend down slowly and pick up those leaves for interest.
Noob: Eww! Smoke never bring that up, ever.

Jade: What it say about you?
Kitana: That I was princess of Outworld.
Jade: Oh yeah cause you don’t act like that now *Smirks*
Kitana: Oh shut up *Grabs Jade’s folder* loyal servant to Kitana.
Jade: *Takes folder back* Whatever. So what it say about Liu Kang?
Kitana: *Blushes* Why would my folder say anything about Liu Kang?
Jade: I don’t know. Maybe you guys we’re destined to have like 20 kids or something *Starts to laugh*
Kitana: Whatever you clown! *Looks across the room at Liu Kang*

Liu Kang: *Liu Kang looks across the room* **Kitana, embarrassed, turns around. Liu does the same** Oh wow.
Johnny Cage: Oh that’s all you. You should say hello.
Liu Kang: Naw I’m fine.
Sonya: Oh come on Liu! You talked to her once during Sophomore year. You guys should really get to talking.
Liu Kang: Like I said I’m fine.
*Bell rings*
Mr. Tsung: Huh? *Looks at watch* Well look at that. Well guys it’s time to get out of here so see you guys Monday. You’re dismissed.
*Whole class starts to pack up their stuff and begin to leave*
Jax: Hey Kabal.
Kabal: *Still at his desk* What?
Jax: Tell your friend I haven’t forgot.
Kabal: Nobody can forget that. Listen man I don’t want to get ya down but do you really want to fight him that bad?
Jax: I urge to fight him.
Kabal: *Takes backpack* Fine I’ll tell him. *Walks out*
Liu Kang : *Walking with Kung Lao in the hallway* Hold on gotta use the bathroom.
Kung Lao: Ok. I’ll wait for you at the front gate.
*Liu goes to the bathroom and comes out only to bump in to Kitana*
Kitana: Ouch!
Liu Kang: Oh I’m so sorry! *Helps her up* Are you okay?
Kitana: Yeah I’m fine. Sorry about that.
Liu Kang: No I should apologize. *Looks on the ground* Oh you drop your stuff. *Goes to pick it up*
Kitana: Thanks. *Also goes to pick it up*
*They touch each other’s hand*
Liu Kang: Umm.
Kitana: *giggles* Sorry. *They clean up papers* Well thanks for your help. Hope to see you around, Liu.
Liu Kang: Uh yeah you too!
*They leaves*
**On the walk home**
Jax: Well we still have the rest of the day left right? Let’s go somewhere.
Sonya: ok. Where too, Sergeant Briggs?
Johnny Cage: I don’t know about you guys but I’m so damn hungry.
Kung Lao: Well let’s go get some cheap buffet food and eat our stomachs out. Right Liu?
Liu Kang: … Huh? Oh yeah right.

As the five friends headed to the local buffet, Liu Kang had his mind on a different matter. In his folder, it stated he and Kitana were not only married, but had two children as well. Go figure.

Finally I wrote this damn thing! Bit of a long read. Well guys, hope you like the first episode of MKHS, it’s Havok’s turn ;).
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Re: MKHS: First Day

I like it. There are a few spelling errors but that's alright. This makes me want to do concept art of the younger characters. P:
I like it. There are a few spelling errors but that's alright. This makes me want to do concept art of the younger characters. P:

Please do concept art if you have time. I'll fix the errors when I get back home. Glad you like the story :)
Re: MKHS: First Day

Definitely very good so far. Can't help but notice that you put 2 Noob Saibots in the seating room section, unless you were making a shadow joke. If so, I Lol'd. Anyway, keep it up!
Definitely very good so far. Can't help but notice that you put 2 Noob Saibots in the seating room section, unless you were making a shadow joke. If so, I Lol'd. Anyway, keep it up!

Lmao! I knew I was gonna to mess up the seating chart!
Re: MKHS: First Day

You lost all credibility when you mentioned Freddy. x(

But keep up the good work anyway! =D
Re: MKHS: First Day

You no like Freddy?

Edit: Did not mean to add Freddy! Jesus what's going on with me!?
Re: MKHS: Kano's Afterschool Special

I have permission from YungQ94 to do this so here it goes even though it wont be as good as his

[at Sindel's art class]
*Jax stares seriously at sonya to get her attention*
*Sonya looks back at jax*
Sonya: what?
Jax: did you get invited to Kano's party?
Sonya: What party?
Jax: oh boy
Johhny Cage: finally some entertainment around here
Sonya: seriously what party?
Jax:*sighs* Kano is throwing a party afterschool and I sincerely thought he invited you
Sonya: okay first of all how do you know second of all why would he invite me if we broke up and on bad terms and lastly will you stop looking at my breasts johhny cage?
Johhny Cage: wait you can see where my eyes are looking to? damn 300 dollar sunglasses
Jax: last night I read on Kano's facebook wall that he was throwing a kegger and every sophomore and freshmen he is friends with was invited
Sonya *pushes johhny's face away from her personal space* still why would you think I'm invited?
Jax: I got a text from Scorpion that he heard that Noob heard that Sub Zero heard that Kitana heard that Kung Lao heard that Kabal said that Kano was thinking of inviting you
Johhny Cage:I'm sorry I looked at your boobs Sonya
Sonya: It's okay just don't let me catch you again and thanks for telling me Jax, I guess he has something he wants to say to me

[different scene, Goro's gym class]
Sub-Zero to Scorpion as they stretch: TGIF am I right? it's been such a long week and no better way to end it than a kegg party!
Scorpion: I'm looking foward to it, but I don't think I'll drink
Sub Zero: and why wouldn't the fearless spectre of the netherrealm not drink booze at a kegger?
Scorpion : I just never touched the stuff before
Goro : Okay you sissies you can start running now!
Sub Zero as he and Scorpion run : So what? I think thats more of a reason to be excited for the kegger. Is it because we will see Kano for the first time the schoolyear and you want to be at your best?
Scorpion: can you keep a secret*pants*
Sub Zero : Nope. But tell me anyways
Scorpion : *pants* I'm scared I will get aggressive *pants again* with everyone at the party
Sub Zero : never thought you be scared of anything, still I'll help you out by keeping an eye on you at the party
Scorpion:* holds himself by the knees*: thanks man
Goro : dont stop!
Sub Zero : no problem bro.

[different scene kitana's house]
Kitana: but mooom
Sindel: no means no young lady!
Kitana : but all my friends will be there
Sindel : this is not up for disscussion. You are not going to that party!
Kitana: okay fine.
*gets her phone and replies to liu kang*
sorry cnt go 2 da party :(
liu kang:
dats cool c u @ skool :)
liu kang: **** ***ies balls piece of **** mother ****ing ***** up my ****ing ***
kung lao : what the fudge?
liu kang: wow watch your mouth boy
kung lao : so I reckon kitana ain't comin partenur?
liu kang : nope. and you should really look over your transcript
kung lao: aw relax at least we are here at kano's place at the party!
liu kang : I guess

Kano in the top of his roof: ahehey welcome to mah party *****es!
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Re: MKHS: First Day

That was awsome :)

Looking forward for more from both of you beast writers.
Re: MKHS: First Day

Ok the sunglasses part made me lol. I know we have different styles but could you describe the setting better. When kitana and sindel were talking I didn't know where they were or where liu ang kung lao were at. also do I have to write the second part of the party?
Re: MKHS: Kano's Afterschool Special

here goes

Kano: Welcome to mah party *****es!
[the party is being held at a residence Kano stole from some guy]
Sub Zero: you don't have to scream dude we're right here
Kano :sorry feelas Im just so excited wont you come in
Scorpion: hey now that we are talking with you why havent you showed up to school all week?
Kano : eh you know
Sub Zero : omg will you shut up already! it's like you have a talking disorder or something where's the booze at?
Kano: hehehe aren't you a hasty one*grabs subby by the shoulder and walks him inside* we got liquor, beer, wine, tequila, y'name it all courtesy of Havik
Scorpion: uh oh
Kano: make yerselfs at home my lads
Sub Zero: I'm in no way complaining but this is certainly more alcohol than I thought I thought this
was just a kegger
Kano : its a kegger see*points to kegg* but with more options
Scorpion : so whats the weakest alcohol you have?
Kano : french cider, but we also have rubbing alcohol if you want
Scorpion : naw Im good with the cider

[different scene living room]
Noob: weh eh eheh eeeh
Smoke: dont do this to me man, just.... dont do this to me
noob : I cant help if i feel *cries some more*
Smoke: I knew if we drank this much you would get all saddy sad sad guy on me
Noob : hey man you dont have to be so mean to me *sobs* plus you are also drunk
Smoke : hey shut up! I'm not drunk I'm Smoken. Smoked. Smoked up. Ah you know what I mean
Noob : I just feel so sad. I need some consolation *takes a last drink of his beer and leaves*
Smoke : who needs you anyways * takes a vodka shot* I'm Smoke I can keep myself company.**( guess the reference and earn a prize)**

[different scene poolside]
Sindel: oh gash hold my hair Sheeva
*Jade holds her hair back while Sindel pukes in the floor*
Liu Kang: Kung i tell ya I don't know why Kitana didn't show up
*Sindel pukes some more in the background*
Kung Lao : Homework probably. I'm sure it has nothing to do with you
Sindel : My heart's gonna explode
Liu Kang: I don't know what to do what if she is here I can feel chi! Maybe she lied to me just so I dont try to talk to her at the party
Kung Lao : back up there for a second. you feel her chi?
Liu Kang : yes! well no just her cell phone. But she always has it with her!
Kung Lao : then lets look for her
Liu : lets!
Sindel: Thanks for holding my hair back Sheeva. Let me call my hubby Shao and tell him to pick me up. * gets cell phone from her purse*
Wait a minute since when is my cell blue?

[different scene out in the street next to jax's jeep]
Stryker : so?
Sonya : so what?
Stryker : have you gotten a chance to talk to Kano yet
Jax : Wow dangerous territory sergeant
Sonya : it's okay Jax I'm sure he is being sincere
Stryker : I am
Johnny Cage : kinda hard to tell since you are holding a beer with gloves on
Stryker : one word my friend. germs.
Johnny Cage : whatever man why would you even be here last school year you did a 100 page essay on underaged drinking
Stryker : I'm still against this but you know.
school's a ***** and I need this. So have you seen Kano yet? Did he even invite you?
Sonya: yeah he sent me a message on facebook telling me to come and he wanted to tell me something, havent seen him though
Johnny Cage : so are you going to?
Sonya : going to what Johhny/
Johnny Cage : do tongues with him after he says he's sorry a-ooooh!
* sonya and jax give him a tag kombo good for 40% damage*
Stryker : lol he had it coming speaking of coming..
*Johnny Cage gets up and listens *
Stryker: ... what about that freshman he cheated you on with? Did she come to the party
Jax : Urgh lets go Sonya you don't have to take this
Sonya : you're right let's leave
johnny Cage : so I guess we won alright
Stryker *gives a stare*
Johnny Cage while doing his signature shrug : what?
Stryker : we didn't win anything just they left
Johnny Cage : A rage quit is a win don't let anybody else tell you different
Stryker : whatever, hey why are we always so oblivious?
Johnny Cage : Why do you always use words?

[the party ended and Kano never got to speak with Sonya
also its a different scene in the house Kano threw the party, the living room with only three people in it]
Sub Zero : it was so cool of Kano to let us crash at his house. Or should I say... Pass out
Scorpion : well at least things didn't go as bad as I thought
Sub Zero : easy for you to say get a load of that guy his is still buzzed and in his undderwear
*kenshi staggers and bumps into the living room wall and falls down*
Kenshi : I'm not drunk I got mugged last night and lost my eye seeing dog. Now will somebody help me please I am konfused and I just wanna go home!
Sub Zero: lol
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Re: MKHS: Kano's Afterschool Special

Hehe Dunk MK characters, and the smoke refrence, refers to Nicopatch im guessing?

#iWin? :D
Re: MKHS: First Day

You spelled Johnny Cage wrong. You spelled it Johhny Cage. Good start, one thing though, where did Kano have the party at? Is it a foster parents house? A random warehouse? Well anyway is it my turn to write?
Re: MKHS: First Day

The Weekend
BEFORE YOU READ THIS! I have to warn you guys that Zoidber747 came up for this first idea thing so blame him for what you are about to witness.

*After school the bell rings*
Sub-Zero: Scorpion wait bro!
Scorpion: What is it Sub?
Sub-Zero: I have something to tell you in the bathroom. Meet there in 5 minutes.
Scorpion: Uh ok Sub-Zero.
*5 minutes later in the boys bathroom*
Sub-Zero: Scorpion I have to tell you about my… my true feelings. See I’ve been trying to tell you the longest. I-I lov-
Scorpion: *Takes off Sub-Zero’s mask* Shh. Say no more Sub-Zero. I already know and I feel the same way.
Sub-Zero: Scorpion… *Takes off Scorpion’s mask to reveal an actual human face*
*They both lean forward for a warm makeout session*
**Scorpion opens his eyes**
***He’s on the couch in the dorm room with Sub-Zero asleep on the floor***
[Scorpion is wearing a yellow shirt and black pants, maskless. He’s actually human, not a flaming skull. He has shoulder with black hair. Three hairs hanging in the front of his face while the rest of them are in the back]
[Sub-Zero, maskless, wearing a blue shirt and black pants]
Sub-Zero: *Rubbing eye* Scorpion will you stop yelling its, *looks at phone* 3:30 in the f*cking afternoon.
Scorpion: No you stay the hell away from me!! *Flips over the couch*
Sub-Zero: Scorpio what the hell is your problem bro?
Scorpion: Sub-Zero I’m serious when I say this. Smack me.
Sub-Zero: Huh?
Scorpion: *Walks over to Sub-Zero* Don’t ask questions just smack the shit out of me!
Sub-Zero: Alright. *Smacks the hell out of Scorpion*
Scorpion: Ah damn that hurt! That’s good though. That means I’m not dreaming.
Sub-Zero: Have a nightmare or something?
Scorpion: Yeah. I had a dream that me and you kissed.
Sub-Zero: … *Smacks the hell out of Scorpion*
Scorpion: Ow! The hell was that for!?
Sub-Zero: Why in the hell did you have a gay dream!?
Scorpion: I don’t know! Look, just don’t tell anyone.
Sub-Zero: Ok.
*Knock at the door*
**Sub-Zero opens the door to reveal Johnny Cage (White shirt, blue jeans) and Jax (Purple V-neck and black pants)**
Johnny Cage: What’s shaking snow man?
Sub-Zero: Nothing much. Scorpion had a gay dream.
Scorpion: Motherf*cker! GET OVER HERE!
*Shoots spear*
**Sub-Zero dodges it and it hits the door across the hall**
Scorpion: Ah damnit! *Goes to retrieve spear cause its stuck in the door*
Sub-Zero: What brings you guys over?
Jax: *Holds up PS3 and four controllers* Rematch f*ckas!
Sub-Zero: Oh still sore from that ass whooping Scorpio and me gave you last time?
Johnny Cage: Shut up and let’s get this COD showdown going!

*Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s dorm room*
Liu Kang: *Sighs* *He’s wearing a red shirt and black shorts*
Kung Lao: … *With his dragon design blue shirt and black pants*
Liu Kang: *Sighs*
Kung Lao: … *Walks into his bedroom*
**Liu Kang’s phone rings**
Liu Kang: *Answers phone without looking* Helllo?
Kung Lao: Quit your f*cking sighing and cheer up!!
Liu Kang: Oh shit!
Kung Lao: *Walks in the room* Hahahaha! Finally said something.
Liu Kang: Fine you got me.
Kung Lao: Look just cause Kitana didn’t go to some booze party doesn’t mean life ends.
Liu Kang: Yeah I know. I mean the only time I only see her is at school.
Kung Lao: Here’s a thought. Why not walk to her house. *Gasps* I mean it's literally right next door to the school. But I guess that’s too long for Earthrealm’s champion.
Liu Kang: Wait her house is next door to the school!?
*Kung Lao gives a “B*tch are you stupid” look*
Liu Kang: That’s a great idea! Thanks buddy!
Kung Lao: Eh what are friends for? Enough about female problems, let’s go see what our guys are up too today.

Kabal: What the f*ck!? *An angry Kabal with a black shirt and dark blue jeans yells at a half hung-over Kano*
Kano: Kabal calm down. It’s not a big deal. *Responds a shirtless Kano with red and black pants*
Kabal: Not a big deal!? Motherf*cker you spent half the gang’s money on a f*cking liquor party!
Kano: And? We can get more, duh!
Kabal: You don’t f*cking understand Kano. It took us the whole sophomore year to raise our little $10,000 and you threw that shit on some stupid party!
Kano: Kabal I’m sure some big opportunity will happen.
Kabal: We can’t just wait forever Kano! How long can we keep running cheap liquor and drugs in the streets? How long is that f*cker Havik going to keep us around?
Kano: Listen Kabal, could you hand me a beer?
Kabal: *Throws hands in the air* I can’t stand another minute of this f*ckery! I’m going for a walk. *Walks out the door*
Kano: *Whistle* The hell? What’s got his thong in a pinch?

*Let’s go to Sonya walking the streets of Downtown Chicago*
**Sonya is wearing a medium length skirt and a white t-shirt with some flower design**
(This conversation is in Sonya’s head)
Sonya: (What the hell did Kano want to tell me yesterday? First thing, why would he even invite me? He knows damn well I don’t dhink that stuff or the fact that I don’t like him anymore. … Well that’s not entirely true. I mean I don’t full blown like him again it’s just that, I don’t like being dumped like some bag of trash. I wish he be f*cking clear of his decisions. Damn him!)
*Sonya turns the corner and bumps into Kabal. They both fall down on their butts*
Kabal: Aw f*ck! Watch where you’re going!
Sonya: Hey it’s not my fault you don’t know how to slow down!
Kabal: Wait. Your Sonya right?
Sonya: Yeah. Kabal?
Kabal: Yeah it’s me. *Gets up* The hell you walking Downtown for? *Helps Sonya get up*
Sonya: I just walk when I have something on my mind.
Kabal: I do too. Though I’m kinda thirsty. Wanna get a drink?
Sonya: No.
Kabal: Oh no, no not that type of drink. Soda I meant.
Sonya: *Crosses arms* How do I know you won’t kidnap me and take me to Kano?
Kabal: Probably cause it’s Saturday and nope does that anymore.
Sonya: *Smirks* Fine I’ll that you up on your offer.
*After going to a nearby store and getting soda Kabal and Sonya head to a nearby park bench*
Sonya: Thanks for the soda Kabal.
Kabal: Nothing to it.
Sonya: So there’s something I have to ask you.
Kabal: No I don’t know what Kano wanted to tell you at the party.
Sonya: *Sighs* Am I that predictable?
Kabal: Naw I took a guess.
Sonya: Hell of a guess. Do you know the freshman girl he hooked up with?
Kabal: Yeah his new fling Kira.
Sonya: Will that last long?
Kabal: Probably. Their f*cking made for each other.
Sonya: Why do you say that?
Kabal: Their both crazy.
Sonya: Ah.
*Awkward silence*
Kabal: I have a question.
Sonya: Go ahead and shoot.
Kabal: Do you like Jax at all?
Sonya: … *Looks up at the sky* Tell you the truth I’m not sure.
Kabal: Why do you say that? I mean you could get anybody you wanted.
Sonya: I know it’s just… He doesn’t deserve a girl like me.
Kabal: But you’re a goody two shoes. I believe he’s the same way.
Sonya: That’s just the thing. I’m all goody two shoes cause I’m not with Kano.
Kabal: Well what change huh? Why can’t you do the same thing with Jax that you did with Kano?
Sonya: Because I haven’t lost my virginity to Jax.
Kabal: … *Sips soda* What?
Sonya: Yeah it’s true Kabal. Kano and I did it, multiple times at that. And I regret it till this day.
Kabal: Uh-huh.
Sonya: Bedsides, why would he want a girl who’s ex-boyfriend beat the crap out of him.
Kabal: Yeah. I almost forgot about that.
Sonya: *sighs* Well enough about me. What about you?
Kabal: *Stands up* Sorry I don’t do back stories. Anyway I have to get going.
Sonya: Ok then. *Gets up* Thanks for listening to me vent.
Kabal: No problem. See ya around. *Walks away*
Sonya: You too.

*Flip the script! Were heading back to Sub-Zero and Scorpion’s room where Johnny Cage, Jax, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Stryker*
Jax: I’m hungry you guys.
Stryker: Oh shit the inner fat kid is coming out.
Jax: Haha I can’t help it.
Johnny Cage: I kinda wanna order pizza.
Scorpion: Hell yeah!
Sub-Zero: Alright. We’ll split the money.
Kung Lao: Who has money?
*Everybody checks their wallets*
Sub-Zero: $10
Scorpion: Same.
Johnny Cage: $30
Jax: $5
Kung Lao: None
Stryker: What your pimp didn’t pay you yet?
*They laugh*
Kung Lao: Whatever slut, just order the damn pizza.
*After ordering*
Sub-Zero: Hey you know what we should do? We ought to f*ck with the pizza guy!
*They all agree*
**After sometime there is a knock at the door. The door is crack opened halfway**
Pizza Guy: Uh hello?
*A bloody Liu Kang appears on the ground in a pitch black room. A blood soaked Johnny Cage appears out of nowhere with a blood soaked knife*
Johnny Cage: I-I didn’t mean to kill him. He told me to do it! *Gets on knees* He said it would all be better!
Scorpion: *With a black robe on, he places hand on Johnny’s shoulder* You have done well disciple. May you pass in the underworld!
*Random howling noises coming from all directions*
Pizza Guy: F*ck this! *Drops the six pizza boxes and bolts*
Scorpion: Hey guys he dropped the pizzas!
Liu Kang: *Picks head up* Really?
Sub-Zero, Stryker, and Jax: *Come out the back room with microphones* Hell yeah free pizza!
Johnny Cage: *Rolling on the floor laughing* Oh my God! You guys should have seen his face!
Jax: Gotta admit Cage, when you’re not messing around you can act your ass off.
Johnny Cage: *Shrugs* What can I say, it’s in my blood.
*They enjoy the free pizza*
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Re: MKHS: First Day

*Ermac looking at his folder near a window. He is wearing a red and black t-shirt with black basketball shorts*
Ermac: “We are many, you are but one.” Why did he call himself We?
Kenshi: *Watching an afternoon show show wearing a black wife beater and black pajama bottoms* Probably cause he was made up of different souls.
Ermac: Yeah I guess you’re right. So did you learn your lesson from going to that party?
Kenshi: Oh you bet. Never again am I drinking at a party like that, ever!
Ermac: You better. Cause I had to take care of you yesterday cause you had an all day hangover.
Kenshi: Yeah. But you know I’m grateful.
Ermac: *Smirks* I just realize something. How can you watch television if your blind?
Kenshi: I’m not 100% blind. I can see like a blurry blue type of vision thing.
Ermac: Ah makes sense.
Kenshi: *Holds hand up* Pass me the remote.
Ermac: *Uses his telekinesis to toss the remote at Kenshi* **Kenshi catches it without looking**

Mileena: *Blows hair out of face* Are you almost done sis? (Wearing a purple low cut shirt and purple skirt)
Kitana: Almost. (The same attire just blue) Just have to cut it riiiiiight here. *Snip* And we’re done. *Hands Mileena a mirror*
Mileena: Thanks a lot. I needed that haircut badly.
Kitana: I didn’t think it was too bad. Besides you look good with long hair.
Kitana: No you look great in long hair. I only wear long hair cause it grows a lot. This year I’m going to keep my short hair.
Kitana: Haha. Fine by me. And I think the guys will appreciate it to *Winks*
Mileena: Don’t flatter me cause it’s not true. All the boys flock around you and Jade. Not Mileena.
Kitana: Maybe you’re not socializing with them?
Mileena: You know damn well it’s my mouth. Sure I don’t have that huge row of teeth like Mr. Baraka but still I just have big sharp teeth.
Kitana: Did you see the original you? I be grateful to have lips.
Mileena: I am grateful. It’s just that I don’t like being this way.
Kitana: Come on Mily. You know somebody will fine you attractive.
Rain: Now who in their right mind would do that?
*Both sisters look at Rain in a purple hoodie and sleeves rolled with black jeans on*
Kitana: Obviously not an as*hole like you.
Rain: Wow Ms. Princess swore. That’s new.
Kitana: What do you want?
Rain: Tell mom and dad I’ll be gone for a little bit.
Kitana: Shouldn’t you tell them that?
Rain: Their not here, so how can I tell them.
Mileena: But we’re not suppose to leave the house if mom and dad are gone.
Rain: Yeah like that’s going to stop me. *Walks downstairs* See yeah later shark tooth and princess. *Closes door*
Mileena: Why is bro mean to us?
Kitana: Maybe that’s his way of showing us he loves us.
Mileena: It’s a terrible way to show affection.
Kitana: Haha agreed. *Stands up* I feel like making something. Wanna help?
Mileena: Of course I do!

*Noob and Smoke’s dorm room*
Smoke: … And then you left *Gray hoodie black cargo shorts*
Noob: Wow. Can’t believed I cried like a little b*tch yesterday. *Black shirt, black pants*
Smoke: Yeah I was surprised to. I looked it up yesterday and it was called being a sad alcoholic.
Noob: Right, right. No more drinking.
Smoke: Agreed.
Noob: So what did you do when I was asleep all day yesterday?
Smoke: I went to the movies with Jade.
Noob: That’s rather random.
Smoke: I know, but my best friend was passed out and she was like two doors down. So I asked and she said yes.
Noob: Uh-huh. *Smirks* I bet you we’re staring at her boobs the whole time.
Smoke: You think I was paying attention to the movie?
Noob: Haha. Did you get to feel?
Smoke: Yeah I actually did.
Nob: What!? Get the hell out of here.
Smoke: No ********.
Noob: How did you pull this off without getting spine ripped?
Smoke: Well long story short, when we we’re watching the movie a chick came on the screen and she had big boobs. So I said, “Wow those are huge.” Jade said, “There not that big.” I said, “What are you talking about your boobs are almost as big as hers.” Jade said, “They are not.” I said, “I’m just speaking the truth.” Jade said, “You can’t prove that.”
Noob: How did you prove it?
Smoke: Simple. I reached over, put my hand on her huge boob, and said, “I can’t even put my whole hand around it.” Jade said, “Maybe you should try the other one.” So I reached over and grabbed both boobs and said, “Nope there the same size. Also the same cushion rate too.” We broke out laughing and watch the rest of the movie. When we got back here to the dorms she gave me her number and smacked me on the ass and said, “Call me.” And that was my Saturday.
Noob: Legendary.
Smoke: Thanks I try.

*Very late at night*
**Rain walks in the door**
Shao Khan: *Sitting on the couch* Where the hell have you been?
Rain: Out. Didn’t Kitana or Mileena tell you where I was?
Shao Khan: I don’t care about that right now. Do you see that clock? It says 11:23.
Rain: Yeah and my bedtime is 11:30 so that’s no problem.
Shao Khan you seem to forget that your curfew is 10:00 young man.
Rain: I don’t see what the big deal is.
Shao Khan: The big deal is that no one knew where you went or what you were doing. As a matter of fact, what were you doing.
Rain: I went to go hangout at the park.
Shao Khan: Really now? *Takes a condom out of his pocket* I found this at the bottom of the steps. You better have a better lie if you want all your teeth.
Rain: Huh? So I guess there’s no way out. Well truth is I was having sex with a female from school.
Shao Khan: *Throw hands up in the air* I knew it. Damn it Rain why are you going around having unprotected sex!?
Rain: Relax she had a condom on her person so it wasn’t unprotected.
Shao Khan: That doesn’t mean anything. As your father I-
Rain: Adoptive father.
Shao Khan: … Look. No matter how much you keep saying that I’m not just your adoptive father, I love and take care of you like any other father would. And I will not have my boy going around having sex with some whores across the street!
Rain: … Whatever.
Shao Khan: You can’t go outside for the rest of the month. If you want to go outside you’ll just have to ask one of your sisters to go with you.
Rain: Ah come on you know that’s torture!
Shao Khan: Suffer the consequences. Goodnight *Walks upstairs*
Rain: *Walks by the kitchen to see Kitana and Mileena cleaning up the mess they made earlier today* I hope you two are happy cause now you guys get to see my pretty mug around the house for a whole month.
Kitana: You know I forgot to tell them.
Rain: Yeah and I forgot to tell mom that you snuck out to that booze party.
Kitana: …...
Rain: Don’t worry what’s done is done. *Yawns* I’m going to sleep. Don’t bother trying to talk to me when I’m in the house.
*Walks upstairs*
Mileena: Was that your way of showing him that you love him sis?
Kitana: Nope. Sometimes he needs reality to deliver him a swift kick to the balls every once in awhile.
*They both laugh*
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