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  • If laziness to get out of a biased school is the reason you don't mind the FED around that's extremely dissappointing. The economy vid will make you realize just how important it is to End the Fed.
    Maybe I will watch them tonight. Like I said I like his views, but some are a little too radical for my taste. And about "opting out" of a school, you make that sound like it is nothing. Not many people are going to go through all that paperwork/hassle just because their kids school is teaching them stuff that is biased
    Please man... watch everything. I promise you'll be a Ron Paul Addict as I am when you REALLY REALLY listen to him and watch those videos.
    Gotta understand in the system we have today. Schools don't work FOR YOU they work for the government who loans them money. And the government takes that money from your check everyweek. So schools in today's society have no real motivation to satisfy YOU. They want to satisfy the government standards. And the government doesn't want you to have a free market society on this because that means they can't get your money from taxes. As that money spent to the FED. You get to keep to spend for yourself.
    And I have something then lol. We played two for your team, that will be enough. I understand the schedule constraints, no need to worry.
    Listen, I'm really sorry for all the missed fights but this is harder to schedule than I imagined. I'll try to get on tonight. Around 10 CST. That's all im available for.
    in fact just this night I got owned by Critical Limit's Jade and RAGE quitted just because I was playing on PSN. I couldn't do a single flip kick, I was doing down 3's and standing 3's. It was pissing me the **** off.
    You and I both know online is a way different meta game then offline. I myself rage all the effing time in matchups I know I rock offline at tournaments but a simple Quan Chi RAPES me online. Some of the things you physically can't do online because of the terrible lag.

    Cage is a very hard character in his bad match ups. In fact in anyway of being defensive as Cage online is pure fail, yet offline I'll be able to counter every single jump I come by. Its aggravating to play online and I don't blame people for raging.
    It works some of the time. The timing for getting out of JC's frame traps online are inconsistent at best. Was just trying to prove a point that people need to learn the game instead of whining and crying.
    "I started to figure out that if you d1 right before he does his fireball in his frame trap it will hit him out of it."

    You don't say? C:
    haha, no worries! Just wanted to make sure you got it so you didn't think I was so evil, lol ;P
    You have absolutely missed the point of the thread so I would suggest you read my post directed to you and Mage ;)
    Happy birthday bud!

    I'm going to say two words to you.


    I hope it's the best birthday you ever have :-D
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