MKHS: First Semster

here is short

[at math class with whatever teacher teaches math]
Noob is sitting next to Kitana. Kitana is giggling misteriously, while Noob is feeling uncomfortable.

Noob: Kitana....

Kitana:*turns towards Noob* Yeah?

Kitana begins to laugh uncontrolably in front of Noob

Noob: ... do you realize your laughing?

Kitana: what? no. I'm not laughing.

Noob thinks: curse you Smoke, you ruined my sex life before it began!

*Thinks long and hard*
-Jepordy music-

Vital: .... I dont get it...

Mileena: -reads- Hmmmm....

Vital: i still dont get it...

Mileena: idk ask Yung...
*Makes this short story on the MK:HS Thread*
I dont get it :L
= Liukang234, your writing style is different and unique and you always put enough detail to describe events, which is something most writers lack. Great Job again!

Thank you. If you enjoyed that, then feel free to check out another Fanfic I've been working on.

I haven't written for it because of this and lack of interest. As for a new part, I've been stuck, and haven't got a single word down. That's mainly because I'm trying to think of every detail before I start writing, and that's kind of slowing me down. However, I'm going to start writing tomorrow when I get out of school, and post whatever I get before 5:30 Pm to Yung to help me. I'm giving it a Monday-Wednesday release date. Thank you all for being patient and supporting us even with all the big breaks.
I had this brilliant idea for a new fanfic. Its called "MK: First Trimester" And its about Kitana getting pregnant and all the soap opera crap that happens because of it. cool right?

(someone has to spice up the thread)
Hey guys and gals. If you saw my chat room posts, then you saw I've been having difficulty coming up with what to write (Writer's block) So, anyway, I think this is all I'm going to get before Midnight tonight. So, I apologize for something that is this short. Basically, all it is is a lead in to the next day. When the day begins, I'm not sure how to begin. All I could think of was something of a chase scene between Scorpion and Mileena, but even then, it ended up being a dead end.
So, enjoy.

MKHS: End of Tuesday
By Bishop Oldfield
After lunch, the day went by as usual, with the kids cracking jokes and taking classes. That still Didn't change what Mileena was told by Noob.
"Just wanted to tell you your boyfriend's cheating on you with some girl with blue-white hair." He had said. Then, without another word, he returned to his table to resume eating. Mileena, however, could barely keep conscious, much less eat.
"Oh, I'm sure it's just Noob with another practical joke of his." she thought to herself, attempting to comfort herself.
"But what if it's not? What if he's been unfaithful your entire relationship?" another part of her replied, determined to take over Mileena's thought.
"No, that can't be right." the other side retaliated, "He spends every waking moment talking to me."
"What if it's all lies? Lies are the only way to keep a relationship strong."
This banter in her head lasted all day, throughout school and home, with neither side prevailing. She couldn't keep her focus in school, and she could barely manage the short walk home, where she locked herself in her room, leaving only to quietly pick at her dinner, before returning back upstairs to her desolate room.
When she tried to close her eyes and sleep, all she could think about was Scorpion making out with the blue-haired girl, which Mileena had pieced together as the freshman, Frost. Finally, she gave up the lost cause of sleeping and let her mind resume fighting itself, eating away and chipping away at her sanity.
By sunrise, Mileena had changed, for the worst.​

Anyway, ball's in your court, Yung.
Well, well! Leaving me a cliffhanger are you? I got you guys tomorrow cause I spent the whole day writing MK Logic, lol. So yeah good update Liu and hopefully next time writer's block won't get to you in the future
Honestly, if this was my thread I'd probably have all those comments removed. It's very annoying scrolling through a page off-topic comments to get to a chapter.
Thats because you think your writing is better than it actually is.

You should try being humble.
Acting like you're some kind of celebrity or some shit :rolleyes:

I know that I'm know where near being the best writer out there. I just get annoyed seeing completely pointless comments on a thread dedicated to a story.
Back on topic: My entry is gonna be like a buffet. I'm introducing two new plot points, one plot twist, and hilarious moments. Needless to say, I'm f*cking excited to right it :twisted:
Hey guys I just realized that this is going to take some time. However I'm almost done with Wednesday, and to prove that I got a snipet for you. Enjoy ;):

Scorpion, Smoke, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao: HAIL!
Kitana: At ease. Someone needs a quick scolding on loyalty.
Smoke: I swear on Liu Kang’s life I haven’t done anything.
Liu Kang: Oh well likewise f*cker!
Scorpion: Who is the culprit princess? We shall smite him where he stands!
Kitana: Good because be prepared to get destroyed. *Grabs Scorpion’s ear with lightning speed*
Scorpion: Wait no AHHHHH!!
Kung Lao: … What did she mean by loyalty?
Smoke: Keep this top secret but, *Tells them about Noob’s little bomb*
Liu Kang: That doesn’t sound like Scorpion to me.
Jax: I have to agree. Scorpion has always been about personality rather than looks.
Johnny Cage: Besides that Frost girl is a well known hoe.
Kung Lao: How? She’s just an innocent freshie right?
Johnny Cage: Oh Kung Lao you naïve little f*ck. That “innocent” freshie blew four black guys in a circle at her middle school.
Kung Lao: Really now? That’s just awful. *Looks over his shoulder* Where can I get her number? *Winks*
*They all laugh*
MK:HS Short (Non Canon)

*Two new kids come to MK:HS*

Exemery: Im nervous man..

Vital: Why? Because you heard this school had the hottest chicks in the realm?

Exemery: Yes....

*They walk into the lunch room(Its lunch time herp a derp)*

Mileena: Wow the black guy is cute.

Kitana: The asian guy isnt half bad him self.

*The two new students look at the table where Kitty and Mily are sitting*

Vital: Kid.. Look. The one in the pink is Beatiful. I say we sit over there.

Exemery:.... C'mon man its our first day and besides they dont know who we are..

*Shifts exemery's head it see kitana*

Exemery: I take that back.. I say we sit over there.

*The two sit at Kitty's and mily's table*

Mileena & Kitana: Hi -Smiles-

Exemery: -Nervous- H--hhh hi

Vital: Sup sexxxy.

Mileena: -Blushes- So your new here right?

Vital: Yea. we can from earth realm. The name is vital -smiles and my partner in crime Exemery.

Mileena:[Vital. That a sick name] My name is mileena and my sister here kitana.

Exemery: Twins?!

Kitana: -Smiles- Yea. Alot of people dont see it.. Glad to see someone does.

Vital: I know we just met and all. But it would be nice if you two could show us around MK:HS or maybe i could show you a fine dinner :3

Mileena: -Blushes- Sure.

Vital: see you two around 9ish?

Mileena and Kitana: Its a Date.

*Vital and exemery leaves the table*

Exemery: OMG! How do you do it?

Vital: You have much to learn my friend.

*The bell rings and the two walk off to class*

Oh yeah! Non canon MK:HS FTW :)

I’m about to do something to your mind, I’m going to f*ck it :twisted:. Enjoy!

*Scorpion looking in the mirror in the bathroom with the door open*
**Sub-Zero walks by**
Sub-Zero: Bro, what are you doing?
Scorpion: I don’t exactly know, but I have a bad feeling about today. Like I can feel it in the bottom of my st-
Sub-Zero: Loins?
Scorpion: Wait what?
Sub-Zero: You have a bad feeling in your loins. That means you have to get ya self checked out bro.
Scorpion: Hahaha! Oh man I’m so glad I got you to cheer me up bro.
Sub-Zero: Hey listen Scorp, whatever it is that got your balls in a pinch I’m sure it’ll work itself out.
Scorpion: Your right Sub. Come on let’s get to school.
Sub-Zero: Cool beans.
*At the front of the gate*
Smoke: Jade have you seen my best bud?
Jade: No I haven’t babe.
Smoke: Damn. I heard he was causing a shit storm between Scorpion and Mileena.
Jade: Oh damn that’s right! I meant to tell you yesterday. I was there when he said that.
Smoke: What the hell did he say?
*Jade gives the run down to Smoke*
Smoke: What? Oh this is not good at all.
Jade: You need to talk to your friend ASAP.
Smoke: Right I know. *The 10 minute warning bell rings* Well off I go babe.
Jade: Ok see ya later *Quick kiss and they part ways*
Smoke: *Leans against the wall* [Maybe if I wait here he might appear. He didn’t come home yesterday so that was really weird] *Hears something* [Hm? Sounds like someone’s coming]
*Mileena walking to the front entrance with Kitana at the side. At the same time Scorpion and Sub-Zero appear*
Scorpion: Mily! *Goes to touch Mily’s shoulder*
*Mily smacks Scorpion’s hand away and walks inside*
Scorpion: Mly is something… wrong? *looks at Sub and Kitana. They both shrug and walk inside the school*
Smoke: [Oh shit she gave Scorp the f*ck off slap!] *Looks at watch and sighs* [Noob you definitely caused quite the shit storm didn’t ya]
*Walks to school*

Lunch time!
Kitana: What’s your problem today?
Mileena: No problem at all.
Kitana: Obviously it is one since your giving Scorpion the cold shoulder and all.
Mileena: What I do with my “boyfriend” is none of your business. *Gets up* I’m going to the bathroom. *Leaves*
Jade: Kitana, Noob told Mileena that Scorpion was cheating on her.
Kitana: What!? That scumbag!
Jade: Though I don’t think Scorpion would do something like that.
Sonya: Yeah no kidding. He has too much honor to mess around with a hoe like Frost.
Kitana: Maybe. Let me get to the bottom of this. *Walks over to the boys table* Gentlemen.
Scorpion, Smoke, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao: HAIL!
Kitana: At ease. Someone needs a quick scolding on loyalty.
Smoke: I swear on Liu Kang’s life I haven’t done anything!
Liu Kang: Oh well likewise jerk!
Scorpion: Who is this culprit princess? We shall smite him where he stands!
Kitana: Good because be prepared to get destroyed. *Grabs Scorpion’s ear with lightning speed*
Scorpion: Wait no AHHHHH!!
Kung Lao: … What did she mean by loyalty?
Smoke: Keep this top secret but, *Tells them about Noob’s little bomb*
Liu Kang: That doesn’t sound like Scorpion to me.
Jax: I have to agree. Scorpion has always been about personality rather than looks.
Johnny Cage: Besides that Frost girl is a well known hoe.
Kung Lao: How? She’s just an innocent freshie right?
Johnny Cage: Oh Kung Lao you naïve little f*ck. That “innocent” freshie blew four black guys in a circle at her middle school.
Kung Lao: Really now? That’s just awful. *Looks over his shoulder* Where can I get her number? *Winks*
*They all laugh*
**Cut to the bathroom**
Mileena: Damnit! *washing face* Why doesn’t he come out and say that he did it. It’s so f*cking stressful! *sighs* Maybe it’s better if we go separate ways. … No I got to stick this out. Maybe it’s just a rumor.
Random girl: Well whatever it is maybe next time you won’t talk about it while people are trying to go to the bathroom!
Mileena: Oh I’m sorry. *Walks out the bathroom and turns the lights off in the bathroom* B*tch.
Random girl: Oh what the shit!?
*After lunch in to the hallway*
Sub-Zero: Sooo?
Scorpion: You need to check your brother before I break his f*cking face.
Sub-Zero: Trust me I’ll beat you to it. As soon as I see him I’ll get him alright.
Scorpion: Why the hell would Noob try some bullsh*t like this? *Puts hands on his head* Spreading rumors? He obviously has no limits to his childish shit.
Sub-Zero: I hate seeing you like this bro. Before you guys decide anything you talk to her.
Scorpion: That’s the thing! Whenever I say something Mily cut’s me off with a grunt.
Sub-Zero: Just keep talking. Girls hate getting overwhelmed.
Scorpion: Yeah ok bud. Wait if you know that why don’t you have a lady friend?
Sub-Zero: Realtionships aren’t necessary bro. Someone says something so little to f*ck something up and it’s nothing but drama. Like your situation.
Scorpion: Cyromancer? More like preacher supreme.
Sub-Zero: No problem, I'll take my payment in chickens please.
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*Onto Math Class!*
Mr. Chi: Today we will be studying for a test next class so that’s on Tuesday next week. In addition to that, I will let you get into groups to study with your little friends.
*Everybody gets into groups*
Mileena: Sonya can I work with you?
Sonya: Fine by me Mily.
Scorpion: Actually I would like to study with her.
Sonya: Oh well I’m fine with that too.
Mileena: I’m not. Just go study with some freshmen. Maybe they’ll give you an oral review.
Johnny Cage: Sonya you might wanna move away from the cluster f*ck.
Sonya: Yeah no shit Sherlock.
Scorpion: *Sits down in front of Mileena* Keep your voice down. Mily I did not have any relation with that Frost chick.
Mileena: Oh yeah then explain how Noob saw you making out with that slut?
Scorpion: Noob is a f*cking jealous prick!
Mr. Chi: Scorpion watch your tone and get to work!
Scorpion: *Pissed off voice* Yes sir. Mily we will talk about this later.
Mileena: Who said I wanted to talk to you again?
Scorpion: Mily please don’t do this.
Mileena: Oh so know your mad? Get in line.
*They stare at each other with an intense hatred until it is finally broken with the entrance of Noob*
Noob: Well, well. We got ourselves a little stand-offish setting here?
Scorpion: *Stands up* Don’t you f*king dare come in here with you bullsh*t!
Mr. Chi: Last warning.
Noob: And what if I don’t?
Scorpion: *Cracks knuckles* I think you’ll know what happen.
Noob: Bring it then. Maybe after we fight, your whore can slob on your knob.
*Scorpion damn near reaches Noob when Sub-Zero holds him back*
Sub-Zero: Easy bro.
Smoke: *Gets up* Noob, *Walks over to his “friend”* Why?
Noob: Why? Because I can!
Smoke: You can’t mess with people’s emotions like this Noob!
Noob: Don’t tell me what do. *Points at Scorpion* He shouldn’t be able to pull off such a selfish stunt.
Scorpion: The only thing is I didn’t pull that stunt!
Noob: Go ahead keep lying.
Scorpion: *Shakes off Sub-Zero, pushes Smoke out of the way and grabs Noob by the collar of his black hoodie* I’m not lying you shadowy f*ck! You’re the one talking through your ass!
Mr. Chi: I warned you Scorpion now it’s time to go to the office! *Attempts to break it up but Scorpion blows a ring of fire to block the teacher’s way. No desks were harmed in this writing*
Noob: Oh so scary. You gonna hit me now?
Scorpion: Don’t test me.
Noob: Figures. You don’t have the balls, of course that freshman chick could tell us. *Winks*
Scorpion: That’s it! *Rears back for a punch*
Noob: Oh going to hit me in front of your girlfriend? Real big of you.
*Scorpion looks back to find a look of fear in Mileena’s eyes. Taking pity on his self, Scorpion sighs, instead of letting Noob down he rears his fist back to throw a punch at Noob’s smirking face when suddenly the door opens*
Noob: Hey guys I’m back from my two day therapy session and I feel, what the f*ck?
*See’s the scene happening in front of him. Everyone stops. Also Scorpion’s ring of fire dies out and let’s go of Noob*
Smoke: Noob!?
Noob: Yeah, it is a me, Noob.
Liu Kang: Ah my head hurts.
Jax: How in the hell are there two Noobs?
Smoke: Wait I know how to solve this. Noob, what do b*tches be doing during the fall?
Noob: Smoke, b*tches be tripping.
Smoke: Hell yeah my buddy is back!
Sub-Zero: *Walking next to the very confused Scorpion* Aw happy ending. Oh one thing to clear up, *points to the fake Noob* Who in Shang Tsung’s beard is that!?
*Enter Counselor Jinko sporting a brown sweater vest and tan slacks*
Counselor Jinko: Allow me to explain. Chameleon you can lose the disguise.
Chameleon: Finally. *Changes into a human kid surprisingly. With stylish white hair, pale green eyes, and a bright green shirt with black shorts to match, he is Chameleon*
Johnny Cage: Oh cool! Hey Reptile can you do that?
Reptile: *Chewing gum as usual* Nah just being invisible and spitting acid is my game.
Johnny Cage: Oh. Well you must suck at your game then. *Grins*
Counselor Jinko: I know this is confusing but this can all be explained. You see, after Smoke and Noob’s little fallout Noob came to me afterwards and asked for help. Therefore, I put him in an undisturbed coma to find his inner emotion. While this was going on, I figured I try something I wanted to do with the original characters that I fought with and apply it to the near future, a massive trust exercise. Since I was too late for that one, I thought I tried it with you people. Therefore, I gave Chameleon here the task of causing deception throughout some popular cliques and seeing if it would either disrupt the clique or not affect it at all. Unfortunately, you guys failed and choose to fall apart.
*Long silence. Quan Chi rubbing his head since it’s filled with f*ck*
Sub-Zero: So this was one big trust fall exercise?
Counselor Jinko: Yeah that’s a good definition.
Mileena: Oh wow haha. We we’re a part of an experiment. And I actually let rumors cloud my judgment rather than believe my own boyfriend. *Turns to Scorpion* I, I can’t stress on how sorry I am Scorp.
Scorpion: … I don’t know what to say. Hell I don’t know what to do anyway. I-I ‘m just going to clear my head. *Walks out the room*
Mr. Chi: Old man, next time you have a crock-pot idea like that you warn me damnit!
Counselor Jinko: Oh I sent an email.
Mr. Chi: No you didn’t! *Cell phone: BING!* … I need to change my service.
Counselor Jinko: Mhm. Could you get our student situated Mr. Chi?
Quan Chi: Sure.
*Jinko leaves*
Chameleon: Glad to be here sir.
Mr. Chi: Good, now rearrange my classroom and when you’re done sit in the stupid corner and shut the hell up.
*After School we see Scorpion sitting on a park bench just staring off into the sky. Scorpion feels someone’s presence to his right. It’s Mileena who else do you think*
Mileena: I know you probably don’t wanna see my face but I have this guilty feeling in my stomach that won’t go away. So I’ll do it the best way I know how. *She gets up and gets in front of Scorpion. Scorpion looks down and is hugged by Mileena* I’m so sorry that I caused you hell today. I promise that I’ll never let something like this every again. And, *sniffs* I just hope you can forgive- *She is shushed by Scorpion hugging back*
Scorpion: Mily I couldn’t really be mad at you. Upset yeah but mad, never. I just wish that you just trust me a little more.
*They stop hugging*
Mileena: *Wipes eyes and smile’s* Ok it’s a deal. Also never give that look ever again.
Scorpion: What look Mily?
Mileena: That look when you almost punched Chameleon. It was like you were going to kill him. Honestly, I don’t want you ever to have to use that look on your face, okay?
Scorpion: Anything for you, princess.
Mileena: *Smiles and sits on the side of Scorpion* Good. One more thing. *Takes off mask*
Scorpion: Yeah what is-
*Scorpion is cut off by Mily’s kiss. At first their lips stay together, slowly they move closer to each other and are in a full-blown make-out session. After 2 minutes they finally separate and have a chance to catch their breaths*
Mileena: *Giggles and blushing*
Scorpion: Haha what’s so funny?
Mileena: Well I didn’t think my first kiss would be like that.
Scorpion: Haha yeah me too.
Sub-Zero: *From behind the bench* Well you guys both give one hell of a first kiss that’s for sure.
*Mileena and Scorpion freak out at Sub-Zero’s presence*
Scorpion: What the hell!?
Sub-Zero: I mean my first kiss was a simple smooch but you guys are obviously pros! Anyway, I was coming over to comfort my buddy but his girlfriend beat me to it. So I waited by this tree and then I see you guys sucking each other faces. I mean damn I was gonna give you a pat on the back but hey, I guess a first kiss beats everything huh?
Mileena: Hahaha thanks but *grabs Scorpion’s arm* I think I got your job covered.
Sub-Zero: You f*cking wish. Try to take my job? Shiiiiiiiiiiit. You can’t be, *Pause* cool like me.
*And with the ice pun to end the day, most problems were solved that day*

Well shit turned out to be better than expected huh? Don’t stop reading yet cause I got Thursday coming at yeah!
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*Lunch time cause that’s when shit goes down*
Johnny Cage: You guys know that Skarlet chick right?
Liu Kang: Yeah the quiet, blood chick that lives with you and Jax. What about her?
Johnny Cage: Well if she was a wife, she would be the perfect one.
Sub-Zero: Hahaha what sprung this idea?
Johnny Cage: This morning me and Jax woke up and there was breakfast on the table. I mean we just get a granola bar or some cereal and head to school. But Skarlet cooked us breakfast just for the hell of it.
Kung Lao: Bro will you get to the point! Pissing me off with cliffhanger’s and shit.
Johnny Cage: Damn, impatient as*hole. Last night I walked past my old room, cause I sleep on the sofa, and saw Skarlet in panties and bra. Needless to say, she is f*cking smoking.
Liu Kang: *Rolls eyes* Oh jeez I watched too much porn to know where this is going.
Johnny Cage: Hahaha no you perv. I’m just saying she would make a great girlfriend. And she would be great *Pulls down sunglasses* in the sack *winks*
Sub-Zero: … Oh I get it! Since you sleep on the couch and that you’re a couch potato, f*cking Skarlet on the couch would make it a sack.
Johnny Cage: Yeah you got it hahaha!
Sub-Zero: Haha. *Points to the door* Get the f*ck out. That was stupid and you will die alone for that comment.
*Everybody laughs except for Johnny Cage*
Jax: *Walks by the table* Aye where’s my man Scorp today?
Liu Kang: Where you think, with Mileena of course. Why what’s up?
Jax: Tryouts this week. Remember?
Kung Lao: Oh yeah that’s right for basketball. I got wrestling tryouts too.
Jax: Oh yeah that’s right. So em’ how it’s done Lao! *Laughs* Anyway I’m off to talk with my teammates.
*Everybody says their bye’s*
Liu Kang: Oh Jax one last thing, could you get Smoke to come over here. Soccer condition.
Jax: No problem.
*Walks over to the table where Scorpion, Mileena, Kitana, Jade, Smoke, Noob, and Sonya are*
Jax: Scorp I don’t mean to c0ckblock but Kabal wanted a team meeting before tryouts.
Mileena: Ah man leaving so soon?
Scorpion: Yeah sorry babe duty calls. *Kiss on the cheek and gets up*
Jax: Oh yeah Smoke. Soccer meeting with Liu and them.
Jade: No! *Grabs Smoke’s arm* not my boyfriend too!
Smoke: Much apologies madam, however the boys soccer team must stay a cohesive unit to stay as the #1 soccer team in Chicago.
Jade: *Gives puppy dog* Pwease?
Smoke: Oh woe is me it’s the look! *Points to Kitana* Kitana bail me out!
Kitana: Jade let him go please.
Jade: Darn, fine. *Let’s go but sneaks a kiss* See ya later.
Smoke: Farewell madam.
Jax: Why are you talking like a retarded Shakespeare play?
Smoke: Practice for the play. Remember?
Jax: … Nope can’t recall when my f*ck was suppose to be given sir.
*They walk away*
Jade: So I guess where going to talk about volleyball now?
Noob: Damn right. We’re going to smash them sluts this year!
Sonya: Hahaha. Wrong sport Noob.
Noob: *C0ck’s head to the side* Are you sure?
*All the girls laugh. Kano walks up to the table…*
Kano: Excuse me.
Sonya: *Disgusted* Why are you here?
Kano: Well I sure as hell didn’t say anything to you did I?
Sonya: No but it’s your face that annoys me.
Kano: Likewise, b*tch.
*Holy shit what!?*
Noob: *Stands up really fast* Yeah I’ll be going with my wrestling co-captain now. *Whispers to Kano while walking away* You need to control that shit.
Kano: You don’t think it’s awkward for me! She always have to make the worse of situations, f*cking insecure b*tch. *Sighs* Anyway about this year’s team, there is a shit load of stuff we need to improve on…
*Back to the girls table*
Kitana: Sonya are you ok?
*Sonya squeezing the hell out of this cream filled thing and shaking uncontrollably*
Mileena: Sonya… *Slightly touches Sonya’s hand* Don’t let it get to you Sonya.
Sonya: *Stops shaking*I just… maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut. *Gets up* I’m going to the bathroom. *leaves*
Jade: Next time he calls Sonya the B-word I’ll be sure to make his grapes into grape juice.
Kitana: No argument here.
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*As the school day ended the sports day had begun. The MKHS students we’re getting ready to strut their stuff to hopefully make the team of their desire. Few things about MKHS sports, 1) There is no football because the state of Illinois viewed it unfair to have supernatural clones play such a violent sport. 2) The gym is separated on two sides by using a giant black and gold sheet sporting the MK Dragon logo. 3) Most practices end around 5:00 to 5:30. 4) Currently we are focusing on winter sports such as Wrestling, Basketball, and Volleyball. Soccer is not holding tryouts, but they are holding condition for the months of December and November. 5) Some, not all, of the students have went to summer condition. 6) Finally if important names aren’t mention on the team then that means they’re like custom made combatants from Armageddon creations.
The Coaches for the sports are; Soccer: Shang Tsung, Fujin. Wrestling: Baraka, Kintaro. Volleyball: Sheeva. Basketball: Goro, Raiden
Let’s get started off with wrestling cause that’s the sport I know the best:


Baraka: Gentlemen, today is the beginning to test your strength and to prove whether you belong on this team or not. These three days will test your limit and efficiency. My only question is can you handle it?
Wrestling Team: Yes sir!
Baraka: Shout it like ya mean it!
Wrestling Team: YES SIR!
Baraka: good! Now let’s get this started. *Sits on the bottom of the bleachers with a clipboard*
*The captains, Reptile, Kano, and Noob circle up with their other teammates: Moloch, Drahim, Kobra, Jarek, Tremor, Darrius Kung Lao and the other teammates*
Reptile: Circle up and spread em’.
Kung Lao: *In a slutty voice* Yes sir officer.
*Team laughter*
**skip the regular stretches and move on to the neck stretch. (A stretch where wrestlers balance on their neck in a tripod position*
Baraka: *Walking around the circle* What am I pointing at team?
Noob: Uh, our asses sir?
Baraka: Hell no, they’re my asses now if you make this team.
Noob: Oh… Please be gentle this year.
*Laughter everywhere. Hell even Baraka was laughing*
Baraka: Oh boy. Ok enough joking around. Circle around me.
*The wrestlers do so*
Baraka: Today we will do thirty minutes of jogging, 200 push-ups in counts of 50, 200 sit-ups in counts of 50, and finally a 15 minute ironman.
*Wrestling team grunts at the last exercise*
Baraka: Oh I’m sorry afraid to break a nail, ladies? This is the year where we make our statement gentlemen. A 15 minute ironman is child’s play compared to the hard work we’re going to do this year. So if you think I’m going to let go of last year’s ass whooping then you can forget it! *Pause for effect* Our soccer team is ranked #1 in the state. Our basketball team is ranked #2 due to injuries. Our volleyball team ranked #2 as well. But where did the wrestling team rank at? At #47. #47 beause our lack of conditioning, out maneuvered and out skilled! If you don’t know want to work hard this year or even try to attempt to get better than you get the hell off my mat and off my team! Am I clear!?
Wrestling Team: Yes sir!
Baraka: *blows whistle* Get to jogging, your tryouts start now.

BASKETBALL (On the other side of the gym, right in time for suicides)

Coach Goro: *Clapping his hands* Let’s go push it! If you can’t make a fast break in practice what use are you on the court?
*Kabal in the lead followed by Scorpion and Rain who are neck and neck. Their followed by Jax, Stryker, and other teammates who aren’t as important as the starting five. They finish their suicide’s in three minutes*
Coach Goro: Looking good fellas. Hopefully Stryker laid off the donuts this year.
*Team laughter*
Coach Goro: Alright get some water.
*At the water fountain*
Scorpion: Damnit Kabal stop making us look bad! Finishing suicides before we get started, you ain’t captain tier son!
Kabal: F*ck captain tier it’s elite tier b*tch. And besides it’s a captain’s duty to not look bad.
Jax: To bad your captainship doesn’t help with your face.
*Everybody laughs while Kabal puts Jax into a playful headlock*
Scorpion: Aye Rain; where were you at during lunch?
Rain: Oh I always eat outside.
Scorpion: Oh. Afraid you’ll have to use a stick to beat the girls off with?
Rain: Ha, more like a club. Nah I just don’t like the noise.
Jade: *From behind* Yo little Raindrop.
Rain: 0-0 oh shit!! *Gets behind Scorpion* You stay the hell away from me!
Jade: Ah I’m hurt. No hug either?
Stryker: Rare footage of Rain being scared of a girl. Where the hell is my phone?
Rain: Scared? Of course I’m scared!
Scorpion: Aw afraid that she might give you cooties?
Rain: You shut your mouth meat shield.
Kitana: Rain is scared because Jade broke his arm when we we’re little.
Scorpion: Damn Rain, you can hold a grudge like a rape victim. I mean wasn’t it an accident?
Rain: No, what you don’t understand was she broke it for no reason. I was just swinging on the swings and Jade pushed me off randomly. She also bullied me non-stop bro.
Kabal: *Spits out water he had in his mouth cause he was laughing* Rain was bullied by a girl? That’s f*cking priceless! I mean aren't you suppose to be the bachelor of the team?
Rain: You shut up Scar! I don’t need this shit! *Points at Jade again* You stay away from me or I’ll kill Scorpion!
Scorpion: How in the hell did I become a hostage!? I’m just a meat shield!
Stryker: Think of the children Rain.
Jade: Ok fine I’ll back off. See ya around, Raindrop. *Winks*
*Rain walks away still keeping Scorpion as a hostage. Kabal, Stryker, and some other teammates follow*
Jax: Finally some water. *Just about to get some water when Sonya cuts him off* Aye!
Sonya: *Takes 5 seconds to drink water* Problem sarge?
Jax: Yeah, you jerk! *Playfully pushes Sonya’s shoulder*
Sonya: Oh yeah! Wanna fight about it?
Jax: Hell no! I don’t wanna die just yet.
Sonya: That’s. What. I. Thought. *Bumps her butt into Jax’s pelvic region on purpose* Excuse me.
Jax: *Fakes a kick at Sonya’s butt* Damn right your excused! Hahahaha. *Get’s water and goes back with his team*
Coach Goro: Alright guys we’re just waiting for Raiden.
*Raiden teleports next to Goro wearing a blue and white polo with tan khaki shorts*
Raiden: My bad guys. Some sophomore girl decide to take a history test at the fast minute. Ah well it’s not like I didn’t have anything important to do.
Raiden: So what we got going on Coach?
Coach Goro: Well I was going to make em’ do endless amounts of push-ups unless you got something else mind.
Raiden: Actually I do. Push-up jump squats!
Rain: Oh man those again.
Styrker: What are those?
Raiden: It’s when you guys do a squat, push-up, and jump while me and Coach sit back and enjoy.
Stryker: Oh that sounds like it burns.
Scorpion: Yeah it burns your whole body like Chlamydia. I mean like the Netherealm cause I don’t know how Chlamydia feels at all!
Stryker: Looks like Mily’s got a lot of explaining tonight.
*Everybody laughs*
Coach Goro: Oh you clowns. Anyway, after our push-up jump squats we’ll do the Indian Run and end practice with some basketball drills. Everyone work their hardest and push to it to their limits!
Basketball Team: YES SIR!
Raiden: Alright then, let’s get busy!

*After an intense day of tryouts we have 15 minutes left until it officially ends. Wrestling, Basketball, and Volleyball are the only teams that are done for the day while Soccer is still going at it.


*Their putting up the mats by rolling them up*
Kung Lao: At one point I think I died.
Reptile: Same here. During the six inches I think I passed out for a split second.
Moloch: I farted the whole time. Haha.
Jarek: Yeah I could hear that shit like it was surround sound!
Tremor: I was playing happy music in my head the whole time.
Kano: The hell are you the Ipod shuffle?
Noob: Captain!
Kano: Ah don’t scream in my f*cking ear!
Noob: Well I was calling your name the whole time yet you didn’t answer.
Kano: Probably cause I’m use to Kira screaming my name *winks*
Noob: Right. Anyway, come with me.
Kano: I do not hop into strangers van unless I see the candy first.
Noob: Will you bring your ass already!
*They walk on the other side of the court*
Kano: So what’s up captain?
Noob: I want you to apologize to Sonya.
Kano: Are your balls made of titanium or something? I’m not going to do that shit!
Noob: Kano I don’t care how made you are at Sonya, you never call a woman a b*tch. That’s not real captain like at all.
Kano: … *Sighs* Fine. *Walks up to Sonya sitting on the bleachers watching the boys (Mostly Jax and Kabal) with her gym bag at the side* Hey.
Sonya: *Looks at Kano* Come here to twist the knife?
Kano: No. Not yet anyway.
*Noob smacks Kano at the back of Kano’s knee making him fall down*
Kano: Oh you ass! You know my legs are killing me!
Noob: You know what must be done.
Kano: ARGH! *Blows through nose* Sonya.
Sonya: Hm?
Kano: It doesn’t feel right to just say sorry so I’ll do this. *Gets up* The next time we cross paths, we won’t exchange any words since it’s too painful for you and pisses me off to easily. Get the picture?
Sonya: Gotcha.
Kano: Good. You’re not a b*tch by the way. My emotion got the better of me. *Walks away*
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Sonya: Did you tell him to say sorry?
Noob: Yup.
Sonya: Thank you so much.
Noob: Aye change of heart is one hell of a thing. You should try it, when you’re ready.
Sonya: What?
Noob: You’ll get it when it happens, trust me. *Leaves*
Kitana: *Gym bag on the shoulder* What was Noob doing over here?
Sonya: He made Kano apologize to me.
Kitana: Really? What a good guy for doing that. Where’s Jade?
Sonya: Outside watching the soccer players.
Kitana: Ok. How come you didn’t go home yet?
Sonya: Oh you know just relaxing.
Kitana: So that translate into waiting for Jax right?
Sonya: … Shut up and go watch the soccer players!
Kitana: Ok I’m going! Next time don’t be predictable like a book ‘kay?
Sonya: Oh whatever.
*The basketball team breaks it down and tryouts have ended*
Jax: What you doing over here?
Sonya: Waiting for you. Problem Sarge?
Jax: Haha no problem at all. Come on let’s go.
*Outside the gym where the air is cool*
Sonya: Ugh I don’t feel like walking now.
Jax: Too bad you can’t fly or something.
Sonya: True, but I got the next best thing. *Jumps on Jax* Surprise piggy back ride!
Jax: Ah no my legs aren’t strong enough! *They fall on the grass*
Sonya: Hahaha. What happen to all that hard work during the summer?
Jax: It died when your butt jumped on me! At least warn me next time.
Sonya: Ok fine. Can I please have a piggy back ride?
Jax: Sure no problem. *They get settled and start to head home with Sonya on Jax’s back*
Sonya: Giddy up!
Jax: I will back drop you.
Sonya: Hahaha! Jax have I ever told you that I’m glad you’re the only guy I can depend on?
Jax: What brought this up?
Sonya: I’m just saying I’m glad you’re there for me. *Kisses Jax on the cheek*
Jax: Uhhh?
Sonya: Problem Sarge? *Smiles*
Jax: Ha. No problem, no problem at all. *Smiles*
*And they happily walk off. POV of Rain a bench*
Rain: [I’m surprise they didn’t see me. Maybe I should have said some smart ass remark. Nah I didn’t feel like it. So tired]
*Slowly but surely Rain drifts into sleep*


Mileena: But I can’t make cookies by myself big brother!
Rain: Why can’t Kitty help?
Mileena: Because she’s sick and I wanted to make her cookies to get better!
Rain: Damn.
Mileena: Oh you cursed!
Rain: Dad does it all the time so it must be ok. Anyway, it’s snowing outside and mom and dad won’t be back until the storm dies down. Besides they’re the only ones who can work the other the oven so I guess we’re up the creek without a paddle, as mom would say.
Mileena: But… but… I don’t know what that means! *Starts crying*
Rain: Hey don’t cry Mily! Ummm what kind of cookies does Kitana want?
Mileena: I don’t know. *Sniffs* It’s suppose to be a surprise.
Rain: A surprise huh? *Thinks for a bit* I got it! We’ll just bake all of the cookies and she can choose which one she wants.
Mileena: Yeah that’s a perfect idea big brother!
*Flashback ends*
Random Girl: Hey! Can’t you hear me!?
Rain: *Eyes still close* [Huh? Who the hell is yelling? Need to take their drama somewhere else]
Random Girl: Ok fine I know what to do.
Rain: [Yeah keep the d*ck in your mouth so no noise comes out]
*Brief moments of silence until…*
Random Girl: Double Eel Wiggle Dance!
Rain: [Double Eel what?] *Get’s two wet Willies stick in his ear* AAAAAHHHH WHAT THE HELL!?
Random Girl: *Wiping earwax off her fingers and on to her skirt* Finally got your attention. Listen it’s dangerous to sleep outside on a bench.
Rain: Obviously since random people like to stick their fingers in my ears! Ah damn, who are you?
Random Girl: I am a sophomore named Tanya who goes to M-
Rain: Sorry lost my ability to give a f*ck. *Grabs bag* I’m out of here. Pro tip, don’t stick your fingers into people’s ears. You don’t know whether they use to be a cold blooded girl or not.
Tanya: You sure as hell don’t look like a thug, you’re too much of a pretty boy. Besides “former” cold-blooded girls don’t go around sleeping in parks until 9:34 pm.
Rain: 9:34 pm? *Looks at watch* Oh shit Mom’s gonna kill me! *Runs home*
Tanya: Your welcome!
*At the Khan residence*
Sindel: Young man where have you been!?
Rain: On a bench. I feel asleep after practice.
Sindel: *Sighs* I was worried sick and I find out you was asleep on bench. I was ready to go out and tear somebody apart. I’m surprised nobody saw you.
Rain: Yeah me too. Where’s my bum sisters at anyway?
Sindel: Kitana’s in her rooming studying for a test and so is Mily. I suggest you do the same.
Rain: Right I’m on it. *Goes upstairs and stops by Kitana’s room* aye you bum why didn’t you wake me up?
Kitana: *Reading magazine* I went to the soccer field so I didn’t see you.
Rain: Oh checking out Liu Kang. You got to quit stalking him.
Kitana: *Blushes and throws a pillow at Rain who catches it anyway* I’m not stalking him!
Rain: Ah but she admits that she’s checking him out. *Throws pillow back* Hey Kitana, do you remember that time Mily and I baked a ton of cookies for you because you was sick.
Kitana: Yeah, *giggles* Mom and Dad we’re kinda mad but they thought it was so adorable seeing us huddle together eating cookies and stuff.
Rain: Yeah it was. We should bake cookies one day, just me you and Mily.
Kitana: Um alright then. You feeling ok?
Rain: *Rolls eyes* Just basket in the moment. Good night.
Kitana: Night.

*And thus the day has ended. But I’m not done yet ;)*

*For the first time in a long time I’m going to write about something that takes place in a class*
Mr. Raiden: Can anyone tell me why the Colonies one against the English.
Ashrah: Because they used guerilla warfare isn’t of traditional warfare. This set a precedent for future—
Rain: [Somehow some way I’m going to die of boredom. It’ll be on my casket, died from useless education. Sure it’s important now but who gives a flying shit about history when you have to count numbers or something.]
*Bell rings*
Mr. Raiden: And History class is over. No homework just bring yourself. Have a great weekend everyone. *Most of the class clears as the rest of the day has ended* Rain come here a second.
Rain: Yes sir?
Mr. Raiden: Either you need to get some more sleep or I use shock therapy during class.
Rain: Sorry about that coach I been having weird dreams lately. Well not even dreams like replayed flashbacks.
Mr. Raiden: Hmm. Sounds like your worried about something. Figure it out and don’t let it affect your performance. Okay?
Rain: Yes sir.
Mr. Raiden: Carry on and see you later.
*Rain walks to his locker to get his books for the weekend*
Tanya: Excuse me put we are recruiting members for-. Hey wait a minute! Pretty boy!?
Rain: Huh? *Closes locker to see Tanya with a bee type of shirt on and a black skirt on* You!
Tanya: Oh so you go to this school too?
Rain: Nah I live here actually.
Tanya: No need to be a smart ass.
Rain: That’s how I roll. *Notices papers under Tanya’s arm* Doing your day job before you get singles at the strip club?
Tanya: Ha funny. I’m recruiting members for the student council.
Rain: Ooooh, interesting. *Turns back to locker and ignores Tanya*
Tanya: Rude. Hey, would you like to join student council? I know the perfect position for you.
Rain: Not interested. *Closes locker door and grabs gym bag*
Tanya: Come on! *Grabs his arm so that it’s in the middle of her boobs* We’re really low on members! At least see what we’re about.
Rain: … [Hmph. Just like Mily when she was little] Fine I’ll go if it’ll get you off my ass.
Tanya: You won’t regret it1
*Drags him to the student council room*
Tanya: Here we are.
Rain: You know after being dragged through the hall like some handicapped dog I learned something: For a sophomore you have some soft boobs.
Tanya: *Covers breasts* Keep it to yourself you pig!
*Enters the room to find nothing but females*
Rain: Heaven or hell?
Sektor: Welcome back Prez.
Tanya: Afternoon Secretary.
Rain: Oh thank God another guy.
Sektor: Took the words right out of my mouth. *Shakes Rain’s hand* Welcome to the team.
Rain: Just window shopping. *Sits down next to Sektor while Tanya commences Student Council meeting* So what are you being forced to mate in here? If yes where’s my application?
Sektor: Hahaha sadly, I thought it was coed but I was wrong. But hey doesn’t matter.
Rain: How do you do this and sports.
Sektor: Meetings end around 3:15 so I got plenty of time to get there.
Rain: Mhm I got ya.
Tanya: Ahem!
Sektor: Sorry Ms. President
Tanya: Ladies, and gentlemen I bring you guys our newest member, Rain.
Rain: Yeah sorry to disappoint but I’m not really joining.
Tanya: He’s joking.
Rain: Joking huh? *Stands up and stands in front of Tanya’s face and whispers* Do you feel that absence? It’s the absence of the f*ck I’m suppose to give. I can’t seem to give it right now. *Turns and walks into the hallway with gym bag in hand*
Tanya: *Runs into the hallway* You get back here! *Gets in front of Rain* We haven’t even started the meeting and your already quitting?
Rain: What does it look like? Now move, please.
Tanya: I think you’ll stay, unless *Brings a picture of Rain kissing on fatty-mc-fat Sareena* You want these to be remembered by your grandchildren.
Rain: 0-0!!! How?
Tanya: I have my sources. *Snickers*
Rain: Your using blackmail to join a club? This is f*cking ridiculous!
Tanya: *Points to the classroom where the student council meeting is* It’s either hellish embarrassment for the rest of your life or student council.
Rain: … You so f*cking evil.
Tanya: My profile did say that.
*Back in the classroom*
Sektor: Blackmail?
Rain: Read me like a Hustler.
Sektor: Same here. At least I’m beginning to like it.
Tanya: As I was saying, our newest member, Rain, is going to be assigned the duty of the student council’s president’s personal bodyguard and event promoter.
Rain: Exactly what the hell are those?
Tanya: Refrain from cursing please. The president’s personal bodyguard is simple, when I go somewhere you follow no matter what. From now on I am your boss, and I can do whatever I please with you. *Pulls out certificate* Also I got principal approval.
*Rain sits back down feeling Salty*
Sektor: Objection! That’s what you we’re going for right?
Rain: Oh you smartass.
Tanya: An event promoter is the person who goes around telling the school about school events. Through intercoms, poster placement, or yelling in the halls. Anyway questions?
Rain: No mistress.
Tanya: Fantastic. *Looks at clock* Well it’s time to go. Glad to see you all and remember that there will be meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. *Most of the club leaves while Tanya and Rain are still in the class*
Rain: Why did you want me so bad in this club? I want the truth
Tanya: *Sighs* To be honest I needed somebody with a high popularity appearance to attract more attention to the public. So using the principal’s son was the only thing I could think of on the spot.
Rain: Damn your selfish.
Tanya: Don’t question my logic. Don’t you have tryouts to attend?
Rain: *Grabs bag* Say no more.
Tanya: By the way. *Smiles* Thanks for joining the student council. You can leave anytime you want, it’s not like I’m blackmailing you. *Grins*
*Rain walks out who’s really pissed off*
**At the end of the second day of tryouts*
Kabal: Coach something’s wrong with Rain.
Coach Goro: Let me see. *Walks over to Rain who is spread out on the floor just dog-tired* There’s no way in hell you can be dehydrated so what’s wrong?
Rain: Coach you know that saying, “Women will be the death of men”? I think I’m about to prove that.
Mr. Raiden: Call the ambulance! Our bachelor has found his match!
*Stryker screams while Scorpion fake faints into Jax’s arms. Kabal is just holding his gut laughing*
Skarlet: Hm? *Picks up a flyer about volleyball on the floor at the dorm room* [Volleyball huh? Maybe this is another opportunity to interact with other students. I will definitely do this tomorrow and tryout for the Volleyball team!]

That concludes my three-day turn. I hope all of these plot points help other authors and provides entertainment to the audience. Your turn Havok, I’m too tired to come up with something clever :-D.
Hmm, that's a lot of good writing. Seems like there were more spelling and grammar errors than usual though.

Also, the story moved to fast.
Hmm, that's a lot of good writing. Seems like there were more spelling and grammar errors than usual though.

Also, the story moved to fast.

Editing it now. I was soo f+cking tired. Stayed up until two in the MORNING writing this thing.

Also too fast? Do you prefer one day post, four day wait, and then half a day post?