Favorite TV Shows/Cartoons


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Game of thrones. (Awesome)
Orange is the new black.
House of cards seems good so far.
Breaking bad was awesome.


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Cartoons....Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Animaniacs, classic Looney Tunes, classic Tom & Jerry (none of the new BS), Disney's Gargoyles, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, SWAT Kats, Reboot, Beast Wars: Transformers, Transformers Prime, MLP: Friendship Is Magic....I'm starting to like Gravity Falls as well but don't watch it often.

"Adult" cartoons, King Of The Hill and South Park

As far as TV shows go, I don't really watch many but I'll say I think Chappelle's Show and Tough Crowd With Collin Quinn were the two best shows in my opinion.

Tarkatan Trash

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Pawn Stars
That Metal Show
ESPN First Take
The Simpsons
South Park
Family Guy
Beavis and Butt-head

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Oh there's a few:

Tales from the Crypt
Batman: The Animated Series
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
X Files
Unsolved Mysteries
Forensic Files
Super Jail
The Walking Dead (just like the rest of the world)


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Cartoons: Spec Spiderman, Adventure Time, Ed Edd Eddy, Megas, Samurai Jack, Oban Star Chasers, Motorcity, Dan Vs, ATLA, Boondocks, Rick and Morty, Archerm and Green Lantern TAS
Live Action- Parks and Recreations, Married with children, The Wire, ITs always sunny in philadepha, and Comumunity


Cartoons: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd n Eddy, Tom & Jerry, Legend of Korra(Season 3), Avatar the Last Airbender, Batman Beyond, Popeye, Looney Tunes, Young Justice, Generator Rex, Code Lyoko

Adult Cartoons: South Park, Stroker and Hoop, Metalocaypse(Season 2 onward), Black Dynamite, Boondocks, Archer

Live Action: Tower Prep, Teen Wolf, True Blood, That 70s Show

Power Rangers: SPD, Jungle Fury, Lightspeed Rescue, Ninja Storm

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My top 5 list:
1- South Park
(South park is ALL TIME favorite show ever. It is so hilarious, offensive, vulgar, and immature. Everything I look for in a TV show! I watch it literally every day via On Demand and Comedy Central.)

2- American Dad
(Personally, I like American Dad way more than Family Guy. I seem to be the only guy who thinks so.)

3- Futurama
(So sad the show ended. I still watch the show every Mon-Fri on 4:00 PM on Comedy Central.)

4- Desperate Housewives
(Do NOT judge me. It was originally my girlfriend who showed it to me, and after we broke up I just watched 1 episode for memory, and I guess I accidentally fell in love with the show. :-| It wasn't my fault that I loved the plot and characters. It's the only chic-flick show that I like.)

5- The Nanny
(My childhood show. I grew up watching this show. I've actually met Fran Drescher in person a few years ago, She's a very nice woman. Love the show and the spin-off version show [which is probably my 6th favorite show.] I don't watch it much anymore but when it comes on TVLand, I don't hesitate to switch to that show. Ahh Nostalgia.)

Those are my top 5 favorite. I have no regrets. Lol


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1. Breaking Bad - Best damn show I've watched since Lost and Prison Break. All the characters are not good or bad, just shades of grey which I love. Walter's transition to an antagonist was well done.

2. Prison Break - Season 1 was the best of the bunch by far but Season 3 is also great too. The love of brothers really strikes a cord with me. Plus, I am a sucker for conspiracy plots.

3. Lost - Wonderful series, always kept you asking questions. Well acted, well written.
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Tanyas Husband

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3. Lost - Wonderful series, always kept you asking questions. Well acted, well written.

Ayy, That's a great show.
It had a cliffhanger at the very end of each one and always had me sitting here thinking..'What is that monster..What does it look like..' Lol.
I forgot about that show.


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Cartoons: Futurama, TMNT 2K3 Series, Batman TAS, G1 Transformers Series, Pinky & The Brain, The Critic, Young Justice

TV Shows: SOA, GOT, Oz, True Detective (The 1st Series Only), The Mentalist, Californication, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Kitchen Confidential, Firefly, Scrubs, Spin City, Arrested Development


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I tried watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad and I just couldn't get into it. whys everyone saying that show is so great? my supervisor at work said it was the best show he ever watched. does it get better after 5 or 6 episodes?


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It definitely gets better as the episodes go on, especially just past half way point. It took my partner a while to get into it but she's hooked now.