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Share your favorite TV show along with a clip or two that shows why you like it.

Show: Archer
Network: FX
Netflix: Season 1 on Netflix Instant

Here's a few GREAT montages of Archer which airs on FX. It just KILLS me. FX has all the best shows as of late.

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Can't share any clips but my favorite shows are:

Breaking Bad
Re: Favorite TV Shows

Show: Breaking Bad
Network: AMC
Netflix: seasons 1-3 on Netflix

Breaking Bad imho is the best drama on tv.

Show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Network: Comedy Central / Syfy (doesn't get aired any more =[)
Netflix: many episodes on Netflix Instant
movie also on Netflix Instant
Live Stream :non stop MST3K, watch at your own risk !

I'm always in the mood for the sharp wit of the mst3k crew =P

Show: Tales From the Crypt
Network: HBO / reruns air on Syfy and Chiller
Netflix: all episodes on Netflix
movies on Netflix as well

Tales From the Crypt was great in its time . This show is just like the Twilight Zone but with 80's gore/horror/slasher films! Here is a compilation video I made of the shows amazing host ! enjoy.

Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Network: Adult Swim
Netflix: Volume 1-7 on Netflix
movie on Netflix too
Watch online!:pick one of the videos with the word "EPISODE" on the top left hand corner

Aqua Teen is hands down my favorite cartoon. The show has had its ups and downs but overall its pretty solid.
Re: Favorite TV Shows

1000 Ways to Die
Family Guy
Robot Chicken
X Play
Attack of the Show
Everybody Hates Chris
My Wife and Kids
Fresh Prince
George Lopez
Re: Favorite TV Shows

George lopez is a terrible tv show
I like burn notice, white collar, suits, Wilfred, hells kitchen, and weeds
Re: Favorite TV Shows

The Walking Dead:

.. terrible that they got rid of the director Frank Darabont

I thought he left the show ? i hear he'll still be behind the scenes helping and stuff though. i might get a chance to meet the cast this weekend i can't wait !!!
Re: Favorite TV Shows

My favorite TV show at the moment has to be My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
I was pleasantly surprised by how good this show is. It's funny, entertaining, and the references they make in the show are great
For example: An A Team reference

another is a Benny Hill reference

if you are curious about it and would at least try to give one episode a chance i would recommend you watch this one

a personal favorite :)

EDIT: and i'm not trying to take over this thread with pony.. just contributing with my favorite show
just wanted to clarify it, friends.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

I will resist the opportunity to take this thread over with ponies and I'll say I am a HUGE Seinfeld buff. I have every season on DVD and I can watch them over and over again. I have watched so much Seinfeld that certain things I do and say end up sounding like something from Seinfeld. There is a guy at work that gets crazy mad when people don't hold the elevator and I like to call him "angry elevator guy," which all my coworkers say sounds like it's from Seinfeld, and that's not at all what I meant. I hate posting just clips because sometimes it takes the whole episode to get what's happening, but here are a few:

Re: Favorite TV Shows

Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Comedy Central Presents

And of course, MXC

Re: Favorite TV Shows

^ Right you are Ken !!!!!!!!!!!!! love MXC

Don't Get Eliminated !!!!!!!!!!
Re: Favorite TV Shows

Everybody Hates Chris
1,000 Ways To Die
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Family Guy
Robot Chicken
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Boomerang Channel/Cartoon Cartoons in general
Forensic Files
George Lopez
The Boondocks