Farthest you got in Challenge Tower before skipping

I just finished Challenge Tower today didnt skip any of the challenges. I did great till about 250 then they got really effin hard. I was gettin seriously pissed on endgame I had it beat about my 10th try and it froze!wtf? But 10 or 15 tries later and I won! Best alternate ever and Tower Master! Ed Boon said beat it twice and it unlocks Goro! But he likes to lie alot!
You are not alone. That was the only one I skipped so far. I know what to do: if they have no arms then they will jump toward you, and if they do have arms they will just keep walking, but I just don't have the patience to do it right. My reflexes always get the better of me and I press the wrong button before I realize they have no arms - and there's no room for error with those jumpers.

Don't remember where I stopped, though. The whole tower has been disappointing to me. Too much emphasis on challenges and not enough just plain fun. Even though I didn't skip it, the one I've hated the most is when Nightwolf only does damage with spirit weapons. I wasn't in the mood to learn his entire move set and figure out which attacks used a weapon, so it took me about a half hour to do it using only the two obvious special moves.

I heard that the difficulty tapers off the more times you fail, but with some challenges that just doesn't seem to me to be the case. The fact that Mileena and Baraka's back-to-back thing is random each time is what really made me give up on it.

Didn't notice that jumpers have no arms. I think this could help! I am not a bad MK player but I have a patience of a kid waiting for X-Mas:-D

A little bit Off-Topic: The Platin Trophy is ridiculous...I mean this milestone shit. Play 24(!!!) hours with EVERY character! God damn...
I am at 101. Baraka and Mileena standing back to back. You have four kinds of attacks but I can't make it. Need help.

Pause the game right when the Tarkatan comes out, then start tapping the button you need and unpause it. It's really simple.

I got to the Sapphire TYM before skipping. I finished the entire Tower 2-3 days ago.
Only skipped 1, it was the one where you needed to beat Jax & Sonya as Reptile in 60 seconds.
But I went back and beat it before I got to 300
Originally I wasn't going to attempted Challenge tower, but I seen this Mileena player with the flesh pit costume and It made me jealous. So I legit played to number 183, then I realized I had enough Koins to skip straight to 300. So I said F*** it and got my Flesh pit costume with no problem 8)
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I didn't skip a single challenge except challenge 300. Shit was so hard haha
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I didn't skip a single challenge except challenge 300. Shit was so hard haha

I beat Challenge 300, with Sub Zero :proud:

Mileena was a B**** to fight back then, I got my costume so I was happy :wiggle:
I skipped like half of it but out of boredom.

Then I went back and completed it all for the achievement and the only hard challenge was 300.

Everything else was pretty damn easy.
I didnt skip a thing. If you have problems beating programming code I think your weak and should give up. Im that good you see, at everything. I will constantly bring uo this fact and never prove it.
Skipped none. Heck, I went all the way to 450 without even skipping it at all. 300 isn't that hard, I got Flawless Victory in every fight.