Farthest you got in Challenge Tower before skipping

I just finished the Tower half an hour ago. Didn't skip any tests.
Hardest for me were:

#251 -- I spent over an hour last night, got so frustrated and my fingers really started to hurt. Went to bed, woke up today, and got it in 4-5 tries.

The final Test Your Might -- I swear my controller and fingers almost broke with that one.

#300 -- at first it was really hard, but I started getting used to the AI, and got past Goro/Kintaro mostly intact. Used Scorpion.

I had a blast, I love beating these things and get that feeling.
Lots of fun, I even sat with my head upside down for the reverse screen tests, made them real easy.
I only skipped breaking the diamond on test your might but have went back and completed that challenge.
I skipped as many as I could. I will do the challenges later, I just want my Mileena alt. Im having mega problems beating #300 though.
i think i first skipped at number 60 something im at number 130 or so and i have skipped like 4 of them so far.
on that one you just have to keep on fighting... go to practice learn some basic combos and spam them. If you spam small combos you should have no problem
I just beat 250 in one shot, wasn't too bad. Some of these were nutty. Who else lays upside down to play the upside-down challenges? My wife and kids looked at me like I was nuts when that bot challenge came up :lol:

thought about doing that myself lol...
I almost skipped the three Kahns battle 40 minutes latter I was happy that I didn't. I AM THE TOWER MASTER LOL

For me the shooting missions are the hardest.( Stryker & Cage)
Oh man, the goddamn Sub-Zero special moves one pissed me off, I cant seem to get the Ice Clone going :(. I skipped it unfortunately (N).
Those "land all the specials" challenges near the end were by far the most aggravating only because of how RANDOM they are. The enemy AI has to screw up for you to win! They never fall for those stupid counter-attacks!

The 3 Kahns was actually really easy what with Stryker's pistol being able to totally cheese them out of everything but hammer, and you can jump that.

I didn't skip any btw, still working on #300.
Finished this afternoon,without skipping,i thought about it a couple of times,but manage to finish it,was a good.i needed that i have'nt played mortal kombat for a long time
i managed to do the whole tower without skipping, but i went insane trying to do Noob Unbound, SCREW BARAKA and on 300 i used Kratos and his bow
i beat it last night not skipping any i hope for more dlc challenges it wasnt that hard imo i used Ermac for #300 by the way
ive got up to 251 and skipped the one where you play horse kitana vs jade as id only just got the game and sucked at it but ill go back to it. Ive decided to give it a rest now after 3 hours play on the tower, as i started contemplating ripping all my hair out then dressing up as a woman and going on a transvestite killing spree ;)
i dont care what any mother ****er says challenge tower is very, very ****ing hard, perhaps for me as annoying an experience as trying to beat the PSN Mortal Kombat 2...BUT I WILL BEAT IT.. I DO NOT QUIT!
220 or something like that, when you have to fight Sheeva, Goro, and Kintaro with Baraka. Tried for like 2 hours with a friend until we were both just horribly pissed. Even got Kintaro down to about 1/8 health one time but could never repeat it.

Same here. Me and my brother had tried it and I was the only one to get to Kintaro more than once. He wanted to skip it since it was our uncle's game, but I told him it wouldn't be right. Needless to say he "Tried" it and skipped it while I was in the shower. Now I'm back home, and I haven't had any motivation to start challenge tower yet. But I don't plan on skipping this time.

Edit: @ Dedamn I think you do the power intrusion kombo the first time,on the second one, do the same thing and dash and do something else. On the 3rd one for me, she did even less damage than she did the first time, so I did the 1st rd. strategy and beat it (It only goes to 3, not 5)

@white-ninja Can't help you much, but try to remember the buttons. The color of their shirt depends on their attack. If it's black, they jump. If it's tan, they stay on the ground
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I am at 101. Baraka and Mileena standing back to back. You have four kinds of attacks but I can't make it. Need help.

Tilt the controller slightly left and use two hands.

Left middle finger on Triangle or Y

Right middle finger on O or B

Left index finger on Square or X

Right index finger on X or A
I am at 101. Baraka and Mileena standing back to back. You have four kinds of attacks but I can't make it. Need help.

You are not alone. That was the only one I skipped so far. I know what to do: if they have no arms then they will jump toward you, and if they do have arms they will just keep walking, but I just don't have the patience to do it right. My reflexes always get the better of me and I press the wrong button before I realize they have no arms - and there's no room for error with those jumpers.

Don't remember where I stopped, though. The whole tower has been disappointing to me. Too much emphasis on challenges and not enough just plain fun. Even though I didn't skip it, the one I've hated the most is when Nightwolf only does damage with spirit weapons. I wasn't in the mood to learn his entire move set and figure out which attacks used a weapon, so it took me about a half hour to do it using only the two obvious special moves.

I heard that the difficulty tapers off the more times you fail, but with some challenges that just doesn't seem to me to be the case. The fact that Mileena and Baraka's back-to-back thing is random each time is what really made me give up on it.