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  • is true some of these ppl think that by making a fatality more gruesome makes it better, is cool if is gorish after all it is mk but make it short and sweet, i was reading some of the ppls fatalities suggestion and i couldnt stop laughing. some ppl were like after i split him in 2 i ripp off his arm and then beat his face in with his own arm and then go in his chest and rip out his guts and throw it at the screen. lmfao like really he's ben dead for like 2 hours and ur still mutilating him lmao
    Ok, apparently I didnt put the correct address on the package I sent. I just got it back today with a Return to sender on it.

    So, if there is a different address you want me to send it too, PM. Sorry dude. I dont even know what I did wrong :(
    Well I'm glad somebody appreciates it. I keep hoping my comments will help people calm down and look at this thing in something of a positive light.
    man, i have read alot of your comments and you seem very neutral. i originally was angered by the whole d.c. cross over ordeal but, even though you don't seem to fully support this idea you are optimistic with your support. i can admire that. i've been playing mortal kombat since day one and i can say that i don't agree with this concept but, i hope it turns out to be a "best seller". we all need this, as mk fans, to further the future of mk titles and perhaps even d.c. i don't know what i'm getting at really, but all i'm saying is thanks for helping me except and embrace this idea in hopes of preserving the mortal kombat franchise. lol "the black dragon live on! eba sayo aaaaaaa!" <---- jax's ending, mk4.
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