Farthest you got in Challenge Tower before skipping


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What's the farthest you went to before skipping? And if you haven't skipped any and beat all 300, then I applaud you and would like to know if you're actually a cyborg in disguise. :laugh:

The farthest I got in the challenge tower before skipping was 250. That damn 251st challenge made me go crazy (Which makes no sense seeing how there was a similar challenge before this one that was harder since you had to face Sheeva, Goro, and Kintaro as Baraka with one life bar).
Quite a coincedence that I'm at 251 as we speak. I'm thinking of skipping it, not sure yet because it will be my first skip. Going to keep trying though!
Quite a coincedence that I'm at 251 as we speak. I'm thinking of skipping it, not sure yet because it will be my first skip. Going to keep trying though!

If you somehow beat it, then I will personally buy you a plane ticket so that you can come over here and beat it for me. :laugh:
I skipped @ #185 but none other than that. I'm on #217 as I speak. I tried so hard on 185 but I couldn't do it. Almost got it a few times though.
At 100 right now. Haven't had much time to play though lately. I'm not going to skip any stage no matter how hard. [XD Though if it is super hard to beat I may start crying. XD ]
I also am stuck on 251, don't plan on skipping anything in the tower even if it means I never finish it.
220 or something like that, when you have to fight Sheeva, Goro, and Kintaro with Baraka. Tried for like 2 hours with a friend until we were both just horribly pissed. Even got Kintaro down to about 1/8 health one time but could never repeat it.
i passed 275 some time ago dont remember exactly where i am now maybe 280. and havent skipped yet. i will admit some challenges i got really frustrated and passed only at like the 15th try or by spamming the hell out of a move.
I haven't really enjoyed the tower that much and am only on 46 (I think?). Anyways, I haven't skipped and am thinking of seeing if I can manage to skip every single one for fun. Gonna noob this scheiße out lol. Well... ALMOST every one... I just love the test your sight challenges! I'll go back and do them, but this way seems funny to me, so I'm gonna do it :p
lol. I decided to skip my way past the first 100 or so just because it was really cheap to do and less work. And then I figured once I had some free time having done the hard stuff I could go back and finish up. But, I had a lot of money to burn through. Ended up buying all the way to 299. I had like 30k left over and messed with the 300th a little bit then I found a secret chest. Then found them all. bought my way past 300 just to get a very uneventful screen saying yay! and a worthless prize.

So long story short: I haven't played any except the all the "test your ____" I went back and did them all :p
Skipped a ton lol. I had like 100k coins after unlocking all the alts and fatalities in the krypt...got to like 130 and realized i was spending like 30min + on some of them for nothing.

I always did the Test you Luck, Strike, Sight and might though ...Like that spin on the old games.

Finished 300 tonight after like 2hr ...finally found a character i could blast threw it with (with many trial and errors). Kung Lao is a beast for challenge 300...was able to get there the first two without even being hit.

Got my reward...now back to practice so i can fight real ppl!
funny you make this thread, i was up ALL night playing the challange tower since psn is not working

I went from 50 to 300, BUT, I skipped my 1st challange when you fight 3 Shoa Kahns...

after that I skipped 5 or 6 more cuz I was sooo tired and skipped the 300

you dont get the trophy it seems unless you actually beat ALL the challenges...

so Ill finish the other 6 or so tonight