Birthday Thread

Hmmm.... Jinkomaster mentioning DeathcoreRyknow just brought to my attention that the majority of this site's mods have changed their username at some point. Interesting.

Happy Birthday DCR
What the hell is a "DeathcoreRyknow"? No way am I retarded enough to come up with a name like that. What does that even mean? You must have me confused with someone retarded. I've plainly stated numerous times that "DCR" stands for "dick cancer research".

I am a strong advocate for and believe very deeply in... that thing I just said.

Anyway, thanks.
Ehh, Kinda lied about my Date of Birth when registering.

My Birthday is this Saturday on the 24th, I'll be 17 years old.
In my birthday, I'll give my DJ friend a list of my songs and he'll be playing those in the club. That is if I don't have work.