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  • When the film was made Fez was already scrapped 3 times and being worked on for 4 years - Dude said if he didn't release the game he could kill himself! (I believed him).
    I saw you posted about Fez, you might like this movie. It's on Netflix

    Ok, that makes sense. Did not know it was the total sum, because the door has like 14 gold cubes then 4 or so blue cubes on. This is a great game but gets pretty damn confusing and cryptic, but brilliantly crafted. I will play later when I get some free time, and give you the run down.
    My inventory says I only have 14 cube shards. Looking at the map now, I see different branching rooms that are all gold and all white, so that will make it easier for me to navigate, thank you! There is the throne room that has '?' but assuming I will need my new ability in New Game+ to see it (as there is something that needs to be deciphered but is hidden because I can only see it when I hit LT/RT real fast).

    Looking at the map now, I notice there are some rooms that are bound in white but nothing is showing up, as if I never been there. But I have checked every branching door from the main area. Any idea what this means, or is something I need to wait for in New Game+ as well?
    I am stuck on Fez, I have not played in days but I remember I opened the door with 16 cubes I believe and I am transported to the little floating island with the people with bandanas speaking gibberish. There is a room with a throne and with an 'owl effigy'. I am clueless as where to go because I can not read the map.
    Re: Any advice on how to perform fatalities in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3?
    I have been trying to pull off ermac's slam fatality for about three days now i always fail. I know its (D U D D D BL) and if i do it too fast nothing happens if i do it slower my opponent just falls. I think I'm in the sweep zone i have done it enough to be in it at least once. I even hold BK for the D U then let go and then D D D BK and nothing happens or the opponent has fallen by then.
    Some one please help this is driving me mad! >:D
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