Birthday Thread

Happy B-Day Yung! I hope you like your gift I got you in our fantasy league! :thrasher:

Cake made by my Mom. Modeled after my first guitar I ever got. B. C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series.

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NICE cake! I have a BC Rich Warlock, as well...except I have a Platinum Pro Series circa 2004 (which I believe was discontinued in around 2006-2007), which I got for my 21st birthday.
Mine is Bronze series. My first guitar I got when I was like 14 or so. Not a great guitar but I still use it. I keep it as my standard tuning guitar. I have another BC Rich which is my main guitar. It's a BC Rich ASM1. It's an okay guitar, and I have better, but I just really like playing it. Usually Drop C# with my favorite kind of strings. DR Black Beauties. I have 5 guitars and a Shamisen. I'm actually eating some of the cake right now. That black destroys your mouth. hahaha. I used to work at haunted houses every year. My trick to making my mouth look so disgusting was a tube of black frosting in my pocket. I'd squirt a little into my mouth.
Thanks. Want some cake? I'm not going to eat this whole thing. You can have some as long as you're ok with your mouth looking like you just ate out the B hole of a hooker. haha
Damn!! Happy birthday Reaver. Lucky I can't give you the birthday beatdown on Injustice since I'm no longer on Gold and I'm on a month break starting on the day that my gold expired.
I thought i told you to bring an extension cord and lube home :/ son i disappoint. happy vajayjay escape anniversary day!
Unc Hamato's birthday is today!?
Bring worth the big white booty females!

Happy Birthday Unc :-D!
thanks, I got this awesome birthday message on my FB wall from Daniel Pesina:

Daniel Pesina wrote on your timeline.
Today at 8:25am

Happy birthday, when you get to the cake "Finish Him"!

my insides cried.
I am 19 teen today, and thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. Just for that I'll draw you guys something if you want :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! also, sniper, no sniping!
Turning 27 today. 3 years away from 30. That's a scary thought...might grab some beers today to celebrate.