Birthday Thread

Pfft. 30's no big deal. Some people over 30 that I know are the happiest they've ever been. Including me.

I hope I will still remain happy by then. Well I got 3+ years to maintain it. I got this new job that's going through a recruitment process. Hope I get the job!

Thanks Taj and Shira for the Birthday shout outs!
:birthday:, [MENTION=1]Patrick McCarron[/MENTION].
:mullet: :_cool: :stormtrooper: :thrasher: :rock:
Happy Birthday again, fearless leader! don't abuse that old man liver too much tonight!
I have officially been stuck in this lovely hellhole called earth for 22 years

All who read may proceed with their daily activities of not giving a fvck
Just take it easy on me with whatever womd you have planned, at least until I get back from the hibachi grill
Re: Happy Birthday Vixen!

Happy worthless day you steaming pile of shit, have a horrible one! :)