Ames32's drawings :)

sorry looky loos no new art yet I've been working a lot more will come when I am able.

Drawing very calming for me. :)

Finish this, right now.

Kratos, banging you (or Jebus) on the back of a gorilla.
Okay Y'all I did one of my New favorites From the New 52.

Let me know what you all think.

Thanks for all the feed back it's greatly appreciated. :)
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I normally won't show my reference pictures. But I, love this picture.


Mask-less Deadman.

Deadman Cover #1

Deadman Cover #2

Deadman Cover #3

It's not done yet. I'll post more when it's completed. :)
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Who is Deadman, and why does he look stupid without his mask?

I haven't gotten that far yet. And that's only one of many different possibilities. That's the only one I've got at the moment though. :)

Guys I don't think I'll be posting my Drawings anymore. I'm really tired of reading about how I trace my pictures (When I don't and have proven that I don't many times), I just don't want things I work really hard on to be played down like that.

Thank you to all that supported me and showed interest in my art. :)
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Man, any dumbass that thinks you trace can go choke to death on a dong. You do fantastic work. Don't let a couple tards ruin this!