Ames32's drawings :)

i am looking for one but i don't know what one to go with.

i got a wacom bamboo tablet, its probably the most basic and cheapest
id never used one before so it took a whole day to figure it out and get used to it but by day 2 i did this
Is that you drawing? If so holy shit you're amazing. Lol

Draw Batman. :D

So I got a tablet and well these kind of happened I'm still getting used to it. Though I need to get a stylus still.


This one got away from me. Lol
My next ones are going to be Link and Kotal Kahn. I've been starting and stopping several Kotal pictures. Why I don't know yet.
what kind of tablet did you get? and why would it come with no stylus/pen? seems so odd?

is it a cheap kind? or is it a tablet as in a little computer with a screen? as oppose to an actual drawing graphics tablet coz that blue batman looks kinda like a microsoft paintbrush style :/

i really hope you get an actual graphics tablet coz you really got great talent not being used to its full potential. id even buy you one and send you it but i got no money atm
That is a great complement coming from someone who is a fantastic talent them self. An I could never ask you to do anything like that.