Ames32's drawings :)


God of War Fanboy
If the links don't work please post. Hope you all like them sorry for the awfull quality will try and upload better looking ones.

Bb I'm working on yours so chill :) enjoy


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Such good attention to detail dood! I love it. Kratos and Noob look ****ing insane. Just wish the batman one was a bit darker.
Its noob should have added captions but couldn't I'll add more super durper soon and edit it and make it look all sexers when I can :)
Being the gow fan boy I've drawen kratos countless times I can do the human body quite well but the boobs on women always come out lopsided and the damn lips look like a big blob ugh. Other then those hangups I can draw just about anything. :)
I'm gonna try and upload more tonight and tomorrow so keep a look out. many many more kratos' to come maybe a ninja or two.

whata y'all want to see?
Those pics u drew dude are badass i think i can draw those, i only took drawing lessons from my old man/dad, but still pics are awesome:)
I have never took one lesson out side of a shitty art class in high school the teacher was amazing but budget cuts crapped out the class. I use shape by shape then just outline fill in and shade.
Hope you like it :)


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