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  • Thank you. I know i was shocked he was included in any form in mk9. I hope that it means Boon is listening to his fans. I'm working on Hotaru now. What are your thoughts on him? I think him and scorpion will be rivals. It's just a natural fit given what both of them are. (Ninja and a Samurai) It would be one of the more interesting rivalrys for me. Seeing as how I really like history.
    Hey dude is there a character you would like to see Completely Remade in MK10? If so who is it?
    Yeah, you should pick those games up at a later time, they're fun.
    It's confirmed that you don't need to play the previous games for AC3, but if you have any questions, just let me know. And you're welcome. :cool:
    My top games that I must have are:
    -Assassin's Creed 3
    -Dead Space 3
    Sort of, you're just playing by your instincts, and it's preferable if your instincts are applied in a safe manner to "test" your opponent.

    that's essentially what your default mode is. You still want to punish and possible do a "few" risky moves. the second he realizes your playing super safe he's gonna start adapting by grabbing/pressuring you.

    it's hard to explain. it comes from experience automatically, your default style. Online helps you build a good default style because every opponent you fight is a fresh new guy. Where as people who play full sets with other people will be able to adapt easily over time.
    The reason I won the first 2 matches.

    Is because my "Default" game is better than his.

    The reason I lost the rest is because his adaptation skills were better than mine.
    When you are first dealing with a stranger. You gotta build a default fighting routine you use that's really safe. A strong "default" way of playing that doesn't put you in danger. While you are playing this way. You can keep your opponent pressured/guessing what you are doing while being safe. And any retaliations ect. shouldn't be huge because your safe. Aka block more/use safe strings. During this default stage your default stage is either better than his or it isn't. This will usually grant a win to the player of round 1. After 1 round or 2. You should be able to get a jist of being able to read him. Now from this point it's whoever adapts quicker that will continue to win.

    I fought a pro player like 10 matches in a row. I won the first 2 matches. He wont the rest. matches 3-5 were pretty close. then 6-10 were just me getting raped, and that's because he learned me and I couldn't adapt to his adaptation.
    online has delay on your inputs by sometimes .5 seconds even. So you just gotta readjust, which I can help you do by just letting you combo me online. I don't care about wins/losses, so you can hammer away on me for training.

    Online is a whole different game in the sense you gotta do things more on prediction rather than reaction in some cases. And combos just in general will feel way different if you're eye dependant. If your muscle memory dependant, you will be able to adjust much quicker.
    You play on PS3 right? Do you have a headset? I can teach you stuff if you want. I'm a pretty damn good teacher.
    BBBLP is very good at avoiding my conditioning techniques. What he does is he calls me out by ignoring my repeat habits, and continues to do the counter to my unblockable expecting it soon.

    it correlates with mindgames a bit.
    Condition brother is the act of creating a habit on purpose to cause a habit type response from your opponent.

    I'll use Ermac as an example.

    I WANT my opponent to be scared of me enough to block. So what I do is, when I reset them with my low attack (Leaves them standing) I'll spam that attack because they link together. The only way out is to block low. I spam this to condition them to block against me in that scenario. So next time I set them up with the same low attack off my combo. I leave them standing and I'm at great advantage. They block.

    once they are too scared I charge my unblockable.

    I purposely was predictable, to MAKE my opponent do a predictable counter.

    Thus is conditioning. I conditioned my opponent to play how I want him to play.
    I only contradict because it is art. Have fun with your marriage. Are you still recording? I plan on getting back into music here soon.
    Thanks man, very much appreciated! =D

    And no problem, atleast it would help throw out some ideas.:)
    Thanks once again

    PS:I think your inbox is full.
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