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  • That'd be awesome especially since we could explore their backstories a bit more. :)

    One question, which Sub-Zero do you prefer? Bi-Han or Kuai Liang? I prefer Bi-Han.
    I saw your cookie monster pic on the official pictures thread and I just had to post this up :laugh:

    Too bad not many people care about Halloween anymore. It was huge when I was a, we get like 5 people at the door the entire night, lol.
    He would get all jelly if you said that and OMG SHE IS MAH GURL, lol

    I was Catwoman in elementary school. My mommy used to make our Halloween costumes. Good time =)
    I did.

    I was cheap, though, and just bought a plain leather catsuit and then ordered the Cobra decal.
    I <3 the Riddler.

    Arkham City is awesome, I just wish it were longer. I finished it and it felt so fast that I thought I missed a lot of the story....that is the only disappointing thing. Otherwise, wicked game, but a helluva lot of Riddler trophies (400!!)
    Oh god, so the flux of idiots joining the site reached its high peak just after I left. Good thing I left just in time, otherwise I probably would have snapped and gotten banned myself :p. I kinda feel bad at the same time though because we held the fort down pretty well in terms of Pure MK-ism (I guess you can call it that lol) and you guys lost a member :(. Whatever, whats done is done, and I say Pat brings back the old system again, now that its been dying down. But that's not my decision and I bet the Mods are sick of having to deal with the same old ******** every few months or so.

    But, yeah, I guess everyone had to have their break of the site, mine was just unnecessarily long :p. But that's jokes, I love the new persona, its as if you left and came back a totally new person, just with the coolness and awesome attitude brought back into your new self ;) haha.
    Its good to be back Bro, thanks for welcoming me. I downloaded Freddy Kruger, not gonna lie, but that was only for completion purposes, I wanted every character's ending. With that said however, I still think he was a waste of a DLC slot and WB whoring out the MK Franchise for more money. I guess one positive outcome that the marketing has done is green lighting the third movie, which I hope is a success.

    Anyways, a lot of stuff has changed around here eh? Not too many familiar faces except for the usual crew, but hopefully will make some new friends, and of course, enemies ;).

    What happened to the rep system btw? That's the biggest change I have seen so far.
    Me too! Almost all of my favorite characters happen to be villains. Even though he's not a villain, I also prefer Batman over Superman.
    I don't know much about the G.I. Joe series, but I know enough to know that Cobra Commander is a badass.:cool:

    And your cousin and his ball python are badasses too.
    Yup, I gotta accept their tastes too :cool:.
    Good analogy lol.

    Cobra really is an awesome person. Almost all my favorite characters do things for their own selfish pride, and don't give an f what people think of them, like Vegeta. I'm going to add Cobra to my list of awesome characters. :cool:
    I don't see the appeal the bronies see on the ponies lol.

    The reason Cobra is kicking the litte pony, is because, Cobra Commander is too cool for little ponies :cool:.
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