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  • My mom is determined to keep Kitana. My brother's favorite is Johnny Cage and my favorite is Tanya. I don't think we could keep all 3 so we've got a bit of a dilemma. Hahaha.
    Thank you! It's going to be tough to give them up. I told myself I shouldn't get attached, but I couldn't help it. I love animals. :)
    (answering your question here)

    Kitana is doing great. She's smaller than the others but that's to be expected because she's the runt. But developmentally she's doing well. She can eat solid food and drink water, and she is able to play with the others. She runs faster than any of them! :)
    Gonna take a look at it, just remember that we do not delete them anymore and just get rid of the comment but I will see who did it and speak to them. Thanks for telling me!
    Sig limit is 500 x 200. Yours goes slightly over so please resize. Thanks! =)
    I forget where I got it. I eventually found it after Googling "Funny Gifs" or something like that. It was the only one small enough to fit actually.
    Hell yeah.

    MKSM was packed with secrets and content.
    Can you imagine how much shit they could put in a sequel?!

    Bro, I've been down with Sub-Zero since day one.

    But to be honest, he hit a wall after MK4.
    The man was useless to the story.

    With Scorpion focusing on Quan Chi, Sub-Zero was left to beat off with second rate characters like Frost and Kenshi.

    But I honestly believe there is hope.
    We still don't know what happened with Noob Saibot in the Soulnado.
    My theory is Noob-Saibot is ripped from Bi-Han's body and becomes a separate entity with no need of Bi-Han.

    This lets us have Sub-Zero, Cyber Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot.
    Which I hope is the case, because I want to know what Bi-Han thinks of the Lin Kuei (now under Sektor's control)
    turning his brother into a souless machine.

    This could hopefully lead to a rivalry between Bi-Han, C.Zero and Sektor.
    Allowing Sektor to evolve into a major villain.

    Win-win bro :)
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