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Bo' Rai Cho Johnny Cage Kano
Kenshi Kung Lao Li Mei
Mavado Quan Chi Scorpion
Shang Tsung Sonya Blade Sub-Zero
Blaze Cyrax Drahmin
Frost Hsu Hao Jax Briggs
Kitana Mokap Nitara
Raiden Reptile


  • Status: Special Forces
  • Alignment: Good
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Weight: 650
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Fighting Styles: Ninjitsu, Sambo
  • Weapon Name: Pulse Blade


The cyborg ninja Cyrax regained his soul with the aid of Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs. In return for their help, he joined the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency and become a scout in the realm of Outworld. On his last transport to that realm, a reptilian creature ambushed Cyrax. His arm console was damaged in the struggle and with it his Inter-realm portal technology. He defeated the creature, but will have to find some other means to return to Outworld.


The enormous heat and pressure of the lava burned out Cyrax's sensors almost immediately. He cast about blindly in the infernal pit, searching for the orb Nitara had sent him to locate. Cyrax found it resting upon a small submerged pedestal beneath the molten depths. As soon as he clambered to the surface, she demanded he hand over the Orb. Nitara had promised to return Cyrax to Earthrealm once the orb had been retrieved. Taking her necklace in hand, she uttered a mystical incantation. A swirling portal opened around Cyrax and he only had time for a solemn bow before he was swept into the gateway.

How to Unlock

Unlock the CN koffin under The Krypt. It costs 3003 Platnium Koins to open.

Special Move

  • Detonator (far): B , F + A1
  • Spinkicks: D , B + A3
  • Slice and Dice: B , F + A4
  • Detonator (close): F , B + A1


  • Claw Smasher: F , F , U , A2

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