Select a Kombatant

Bo' Rai Cho Johnny Cage Kano
Kenshi Kung Lao Li Mei
Mavado Quan Chi Scorpion
Shang Tsung Sonya Blade Sub-Zero
Blaze Cyrax Drahmin
Frost Hsu Hao Jax Briggs
Kitana Mokap Nitara
Raiden Reptile


  • Status: Warrior
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Weight: 189
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Fighting Styles: Hung Gar, Crab
  • Weapon Name: Kirehashi


Reptile's detour to Kitana's base camp had delayed him just long enough for Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to spring their attack on Shao Kahn. Reptile was devastated that he had failed his master and wandered the Outworld wastelands aimlessly until he once again crossed paths with Nitara. Desperately in need of a master, he offered his loyalty to her. Her first command was to attack the invader from the Earthrealm, Cyrax. She explained that he must first destroy his arm panel in order to weaken the outsider.


Despite the strong sulphurous stench that filled the chamber, Reptile could smell that Nitara and Cyrax had been there recently. There was no sign of them now, except for some scattered glass shards and a residual trace of strong magical energies. His revenge would have to wait. Suddenly an expectant hush filled the chamber as energy cascaded around what appeared to be a dragon embryo. The tiny dragon stretched and the egg cracked. A beam of energy ripped out from inside and lanced into Reptile. His world was filled with roaring power as his squamous body was twisted and transformed. The ancient prophecy had been fulfilled: the Dragon King had returned.

How to Unlock

Unlock the LL koffin under The Krypt. It costs 3822 Gold Koins to open.

Special Move

  • Lizard Ball: F , D + A4
  • Acid Spit: B , F + A1


  • Acidic Shower: U , U , U , F , A3

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